Savannah Varney Mar 2013

The girl with the eyes
That crinkle at the sides
That shows she hasn't lost faith in the world just yet.

Don't look at me
I'm not talking about me!
I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly.

And what it boils down to
Is that we're all just ghosts
With our own missed connections
And transparent ambitions.

But that girl with the eyes
That crinkle at the sides
She's got an oyster in a shell,
Waiting for her pearl hotel

Holding on to the idea
That she has a role to fill
But the time will pass
And she'll see that
She's just another ghost with a past.

And when the world has no more girls with the eyes
That crinkle at the sides
I'm convinced we'll all vaporize

And the air will fill with our dusty dreams

And settle to the ground in a thick, dirty film

Then, like a pillow torn at the seams

The cycle will begin again

Starting with white, fluffy hope,
Next comes the question,
Then hits the reality,
And last is the dark, dark feeling that you were wrong all along.

Because, face it...
There is no meaning to life.

Savannah Varney Nov 2012

I know you hide your thoughts
Behind smiles and comforting lies
You stare up at the ceiling
Your soul transparent through misty eyes

I can see your heavy burdens
Chaos swirling inside your mind
The air is cold with unspoken distance
Why can't you see I'm by your side?

It's clear that you have issues
Tormented by hidden demons
But you could self-medicate
By establishing human connections

Use me! Use me as your mood-stabilizer
To substitute underlying manic conditions
My kiss, to turn pain into pleasure
My body, your security blanket

In the depths of misperception
You try to convince me you're "okay"
Well baby, the things I would do
If only that were true

But through your bouts of crazy
I'll still be here
For you

Savannah Varney Aug 2012

When all is said and done
I'd do anything for you

I might be distant, cold sometimes
But believe me, it's because
Your power over me bleeds me dry

That carnal, eager smile
Your antsy fingertips
Dancing along my skin
A quick breath causes parted lips

Ah, it's time to go
Someone will see us here
Another time, we'll meet
'Til then I'll miss you dear

Savannah Varney May 2012

Save your anger for another time
Do me like I'm a dirty crime

Use that aggression between the sheets
You know those moves make me weak

If you think
I can't handle it rough
Silly boy
I invented tough

Bedroom, pool table, take your pick
It's time to whip out your cue stick

Savannah Varney Apr 2012

Tears melt my face as sadness overcomes grace
You see, the night it swallows any light
Happiness is as distant as a dream
Part memory, part fantasy

Insomnia runs through my veins like ice
Keeps me conscious, skitters like mice
But I can't continue this lifeless plight
Changes must be made, I'll be all right

Read the soul, develop the mind
Understand, or risk going blind
Don't take my word for it, hop on board
The meditation train, harmony's restored

Savannah Varney Apr 2012

Psychedelic raindrops
Dripping lights
So bright, so bright
Like mushroom painted rainbows
As angels in the night

While ravers eat their kandi
I journey
Aimlessly through the sky

Making friends with whispy planets
Soaring on my hocuspocus carpets

Don't make me come down
I wanna stay high, melting face forever
Drinking passion from a flask
Enjoying my nonsensical endeavor

Savannah Varney Apr 2012

When your days are sad and blue
Count on me to be here for you
And when you feel you've got nothing left
Breathe a sigh & take a breath

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