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please soften the blow
turn the stones into feathers
so when your first hurls them towards me
they float up into the air

apply pressure to the wound
whisper sweet nothings into the eye of the needle
as you gently stitch the cuts
place butterfly kisses under my misty eyes
before meeting them with yours
the truth hurts sometimes
Savana James Mar 14
berry stained lips
green streaks on blue jeans
the slow burn of warmed skin
kissed soft by the breeze
i miss summer a lot okay
Savana James Mar 6
you smile at me, and I burn
resenting the way my lips twitch as I remember
the small details I chose to keep

your crooked teeth
your clean fingernails
your warm eyes

it all feels backwards

how strange it is to have kissed you
but never once held your hand

I offer small prayers to the moon
waiting for the tenderness in my heart to drain

instead, it pools
a pond I cannot help but wade inside
getting over you is harder than i thought it would be
Savana James Mar 4
saltwater rivers
traverse the landscape of my hollow face
longing for the soft pad of your thumb
its gentle tap
a pebble skipped across still water
sometimes you just need a good cry you know? and a good hug
Savana James Feb 24
I am restless with longing,
craving someone else's fingers in my hair
and the soft breeze of a lovers tired exhale,
a gentle caress along the shell of my ear
with a sound like the oceans call
craving a love that takes me out to sea
Savana James Feb 21
I sink inside myself
each poem, a desperate breath
swallowed by cold water
but the bubbles look so pretty as they rise from my mouth
towards a surface I cannot break through
trying to remember how to swim
Savana James Feb 20
I am so sorry, my dear
that my heart is such a fickle thing
that instead of a lover, you became a casualty
that it is easier for me to hold my breath than your hand
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