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Sarah Spang Dec 2020
My arms cut through the water in a
Bid to stay afloat,
And even as my muscles scream
And ocean chokes my throat-

I twist and dart between the waves
To steal another breath-
Dreaming of the moment when
The stormy seas will rest.
Sarah Spang Sep 2020
I'd seen the seam of wet and dry
Of Salt and Sea, of Earth and Sky
Yet, once upon a yesteryear
When five was close, and ten was near-

The navy stretch front side to side
Spanned far beyond where eyes could spy-
And all at once it rushed to me,
That first breath of eternity.

Then- at ten I once again
Meet the ocean, only when
A set of eyes cast down on low
Wandered up from down below.

And all at once home was here
A feeling that would persevere
With each footstep, my stride would swallow
The Ocean's path was mine to follow.
To C, as always.
Sarah Spang Sep 2020
Walk out,
Ash and dust into the
Winter wind
Where your breath is nothing more
Than an echo to aging ears-

And I will follow
To find you in all breezes
Slipping a summer kiss
An autumn football game
Or a Spring car ride
Deftly into a place against my skin.
Sarah Spang Aug 2020
I paced the squares that mark the days;
Each footstep took me far away-
And yet the circle joined to touch
The echo of the ghost of us.
Sarah Spang Aug 2020
I watched the wind on summer days,
The way it plays havoc with the meadow grass
And wish the words
MY words-
Could be plucked and carried on that breeze
Like a seedling
To go where they need to
And where I cannot.
Sarah Spang Aug 2020
We are walking
Down the line
Our feet are pacing
Song and rhyme.
Side to side
My eyes do glance
The markers of
My circumstance.
Sarah Spang Aug 2020
The breathing to the side of me
Fades into obscurity
I sink below the membrane then
To pierce the veil of time again

Muscles within flesh and bone
Unfurl into the scent of home,
And there beside my destiny
I stow my sight to rise and see-

The way it was, The way I want
The way that's rocky back to front.
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