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sania opai Jul 2016
i saw infinity in your eyes....

                          and then you closed them....

so hard...

                          i could never see again.
sania opai Jul 2016
letting go is love too..
sania opai Mar 2016
Now gasping for air,
They both lie on the ground,
For one love’s touch was rough,
One healing found.

sania opai Feb 2016
As he watched her

fall asleep,

He watched himself

fall a little more

insane .

sania opai Nov 2015
The touch of your hands
               cracked my walls.
Your sweet fragrance
               drowned me in an ocean of roses.
sania opai Nov 2015
He was like an angel that fell from heaven

But so was Lucifer
sania opai Aug 2015
Broken hearts heal.
Say, 'It's just a vacancy.
The room will soon fill.'

-saniAopai ❤️
it always heals..
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