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sandra bourbeau Dec 2012
We set out to honor Mary
traveling the pilgrim's path from west to east
We walked, we rode the bus
entertained and enchanted by   Cristina
applauding Ramon along the way.
Each day was one of prayer and song, sunshine and fellowship
rosaries and novena
we submitted petitions to Santiago
we laughed with San Serapio
From the grand and magnificent cathedrals
to the humblest village chapel
we grew in faith, hearing God's word in many languages.
We marveled at the dedication and stamina of the pilgrims
making their way on foot and bicycle
at the warmth, generosity, and hospitality
they receive along the way
We picknicked alongside mountain streams
enjoying good food, good wine,and good friendship
we walked down the hillsides in the hot sunshine
passing the pilgrims going the opposite way
we quenched our thirst in a quaint and rustic village tavern.
Ramon drove with skill up the mountains to Garabandal
a remote village suspended in time and beauty
there on the mountain top we sat among the pines
where Mary had appeared.
We sat in silence, in awe and reverence
the only sounds, the whisper of the breeze and the cowbells on the hillside
We  prayed the rosary
It was, for most of us, a most special memory
From our bus we looked out at the mountains
the green and rolling farmland
at the rocky Atlantic coast
at the rios and the rias.
We walked in procession at Fatima and Lourdes
by candlelight and moonlight
and again in the brilliant sunshine
The voices and the church bells
carried across the plazas
enveloping us in joy and prayer and mysticism
It was at the grotto at Lourdes
with my hands pressed on the rocky cave wall
with the holy water on my hands
that I felt Mary's presence
Mary, my mother, my sister, my friend

September, 2008
sandra bourbeau Dec 2012
Christmas is a time for holiday cheer
Of anticipation and memories held dear
Of family and friends and good will to all
Of cards and good wishes and trips to the mall
Of angels and carols and trimming the tree
But the best part of this Christmas is you and me.
sandra bourbeau Dec 2012
We arrived back home
carrying treasured memories of a blessed journey
tired and weary, glad to be  back home.
Janet said,"I will kiss the ground when we
get back to the USA"
I stepped off the bus
and there, standing in the darkness
with flowers and teddy bear in hand
and his "heart on his sleeve" stood Bill,
not at all a figment of my imagination.
I did not kiss the ground,
I kissed my sweet William.
sandra bourbeau Dec 2012
'Twas March of 1958
A babe arrived, a heavyweight
As babies go he was first-rate
Really worth the nine months wait
A child so fair, so good, so bonnie
Our fourth born child, we named him  Ronnie
Oer the years we watched him grow
A loving child, we loved him so
So strong, so sweet, unlike any other
A loving son, a loyal brother
he's grown from such a special lad
to a quite extraordinary dad.
It's been apparent from the start
he has an extra roomy heart
Full of giving, always sharing
towards others he is more than caring
So raise your glasses
and give some cheers
to celebrate his forty years.

— The End —