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feels like being a pet rock
With a painted smile.
Not on a desk or night stand
Rather in the yard,
kinda near the porch  
Partially covered in dirt
Deep enough to be sturdy,
yet not deep enough
to miss the blade of the mower.
Stepped on from time to time
Torn between wanting to get dug deeper
Buried and Ignored,
or put on a shelf
Polished and loved.
I have a one way relationship with myself
And the illusion that the internet creates
To convince me I’m communicating.
Samuel Hoffmann Nov 2020
How to live forever:
Step one, just never die.
Next go live your lovely life
Like any other guy.
Samuel Hoffmann Sep 2020
They say you can be addicted to anything
and therefore you shouldn’t not do it.
Like taking drugs, or drinking alcohol
In moderation, sure, there’s nothing to it.

However, you can’t get addicted to painting
You can’t get addicted to mowing the lawn
You can’t get addicted to being kind
And many things which are not wrong.

I’ve never heard of an addiction to smiling;
An addiction to hugs is not a thing too.
You can’t be too punctual or polite,
Because there are things you cannot get addicted to.

Sure, you can be addicted to eating
But too many veggies can’t be bad for you.
You can’t google “never side effect of board game addiction”
Because there is nothing wrong with certain things you do.

They say you can be addicted to anything.
And I simply say that is not true.
Somethings are never wrong
--no matter how much you do them.
That’s the life I want; the things I want to do.
It's been a while...

Anyways, here's a poem I've been working on. Not a finished piece, feel free to share advice in the comments.
Samuel Hoffmann Jun 2020
Do you know how much energy it takes
to drive a car
From one side of the street
to another.
Always only to avoid
Alternate side parking
sitting at home,
Doing nothing,
Employed by no one,
Draining savings to pay insurance
On a car
Driven a block a week.
Samuel Hoffmann Jun 2020
Please put me down.
and yes I know I’m covered with fur
and yes I know I meow
and you say I’m cute
because I am...
Please put me down.

You can brush me
and stroke me
do not pull, push, or poke me.
Feed me food right now.
Please put me down.

If YOU do not like something YOU walk away;
I’ve ran to every corner
under every bed
yet you still find a way

so I scratch you
or bite you
rip and ruin your rug.
Day after day, hug after hug.

Mom says if I do it again
she’ll go to adoption
give me away
—that’d be the day.
Please put me down.
Samuel Hoffmann Apr 2020
This carpet,
This red and brown
worn out
Never vacuumed

Is part of my room
Of my home
And I love it.
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