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Samuel Cox Jun 2016
You breathe through silent sobs while everyone else is dreaming

You're careful not to let them hear because you've always preferred keeping to yourself

This pains become your normal so you say it's ok but every day the wound tears a little more

Spilling out the innocence inside, like the blood from a skinned knee on the sidewalk

Slowly at first but you can't stop the bleeding and soon all your bandages are soaked as you struggle to hold conscious

My hand is here, so grab it quick. I can apply pressure as you call for someone, anyone's help to keep your chest moving

I squeeze tighter in hope you'll know I'm here but you're already below the surface and I don't know how to swim that well

I know you can't do this own you're own so I sit by the edge waiting to hear you gasp another breathe of air into your lungs

I know mouth to mouth but my lungs are that strong

I wish I could give you more than a hand to hold
Samuel Cox May 2016
Curiosity and questions
challenging creation

Busting down each **** wall
built by that cursed machine

Each stride brings you closer to the finish line but each stride pushes it even further

You musn't stop running

For god sakes don't stop

For if you cease to push forwards
the end is already behind you

— The End —