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samriddhi upreti Sep 2020
The society has only two kinds of people.
One who thinks like you and the other one who thinks different from you
There is no other category when we talk about the thoughts and perceptions.
Every person is supported by the people who think in the same way as she does.
And that person criticize other's thoughts which are different from her
But that other person is not alone she is also supported by some people who think the same way as she thinks.
We can understand it simply by applying it to us.
We make friends not by their looks or money but by their views which are like us.
And we ignore those who don't think like us
Those ignored people have friends who think like them.
Those people can be wrong if they do something evil or ominous.
But when we talk about thought and perception they are right because they have different opinions.
So I believe, we know we think differently but we should listen and understand other people's views too.
Because we can't change other opinions and they cant change ours.
But, we can respect and appreciate each other.
These lines explain to us that wherever we go we meet only two kinds of people . One who says "yes" to your views and the other who says "no" to your views. Without arguing to them we can accept their views and understand them.
samriddhi upreti Sep 2020
The one who tries never fails.
It does not matter how many times you tried.
It does not matter how much time it takes.
It does not matter what will be the repercussions.
But it really matters how you make up with the situation.
How you handle your emotions.
The power of hard work never fails.
The diligent person never fails.
Hard times teach you how to survive.
You are preparing more and more.
Each passing day you acknowledge more and it adds to your dictionary.
So without winding up your heart and mind.
Open your heart and ready for the procrastinations.
Believe in your instincts.
Follow your aim without thinking twice.
And endeavor more and more.
You never know, when you cut the mustard.
And raise your head with more satisfaction and contentment.
samriddhi upreti Sep 2020
No planet resembles to one another
Each has diverse temperament
Earth has life, nevertheless inequitable for the beings
Earth has been diversified in its own way
Affecting to the nature and it's well beings
Some are born with the silver spoon
Some with empty hands
Some are blacks some are greys some are whites some are reds
Some have the nimble senses some need patrons for lifetime
Some have the family some are abandoned after the birth
Some live the lavish life some are in the rains
Some are emblazoned and some do not even exist for anyone
There is an incessant bridge, which has become thorny
This  gap emblematizes the disparity among the livings
Hoping, in the coming era, the panacea for the biased world will be developed
Everybody will live  with contentment.

— The End —