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Sam Oct 2023
I read my words again today and found I had you there all along.
In all my hurt you were the hope.
In all my healing yours was the hand I held.
Sam Feb 2023
We all become poetry
A tattered quilt in the warm evening sun
We all become love songs
An alluring waltz on an old wooden dance floor
We all become stories
A cozy cup of tea on a long rainy night
Sam Oct 2020
This red thread is tattered and torn.
It is faded and stained for all the time worn.
A simple reminder of our love sworn.

I should take it off but I find I am unable.
Clinging to a timeless fable.
Sam Oct 2018
When she thought she was falling in love with the moon she was really falling in love with herself
Sam Apr 2016
Oh, how easily we are filled when we come to the table hungry.
Sam Mar 2016
I saw a rabbit in an overcoat in the woods

I wonder if he is one of your discarded playthings as well
Sam Mar 2016
The fog lies gently on the water
Gracefully dissipating...

Weaving hope into the briefest moment.
Beyond the fog lies clarity.~anynomous
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