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sammybunnie Nov 2013
After all, that lipstick smear on the shirt of your collar was just another 'accident'.
sammybunnie Nov 2013
I kissed a boy,
whom I gave my heart to

I kissed a boy,
who played with my heart,
with no intention on returning it

I kissed a boy,
who thought my heart was just another everyday object
and threw it down the gutter
when he realised
he had no use of it anymore

I kissed a boy,
who threw my heart down the gutter
because it stopped beating for him
who tore me apart
drowned my lungs out with black blood
and suffocated me with the hatred
he enveloped around himself
simply because he couldn't stand the sight of himself in the mirror

I kissed a boy,
and he planted demons in my head,
egged on the voices who told me I was not worth it,
telling me daily that I was useless and a waste of space,
deafening my silent mind with their dark words,
eventually helping his hatred
consume me too
and killed me off inside
just like he had murdered himself

I kissed a boy,
and he killed slowly with the anger and self-loathing inside of him
sammybunnie Nov 2013
How do you know s/he is the person you want to spend the remainder of your life with?

Do you smile upon a text from them?

Do you chuckle upon thinking up a funny thing they did?

Do you hold back tears at the thought of them leaving you for good?

Do you ever think, just for a second, that yes, you could live without them? (Because if yes, I'd suggest finding someone else.)

Do you?
sammybunnie Nov 2013
We shared cigarette sticks
cans of beer only
and drunken kisses
only for it to end
sooner than we expected
leaving us with nothing at all to hold between us.

For you held on to your own heart so dear
unwilling to bare it all to me

Refusing to even look at me
Look at what my soul had to offer you
For you were so afraid of what could happen between us

You cradled your heart in your hands
Holding it close to the gap where it used to be
afraid to put it back
for fear of breaking it in the process
sammybunnie Nov 2013
Regret was all around you

You had cut yourself open to the things you thought were safe.
You let your lungs bleed raw
You clawed at your eyes
hoping to eventually be able to see something
other than your folly

You let your stained dress remain
letting the deep red droplets seep through

You gingerly dabbed at the pool of blood
that formed at your left breast
understanding that all of that is from the mistakes
you made to the ***** that helped you to live

You finally understood at that moment

You killed yourself off.
sammybunnie Nov 2013
Fee fi fo fum
angry apple is playing dumb

She knows you lied
and she cried

So now she’s about to die.

Are you happy that she’s dead?
are you satisfied that she’s gone?
are you ecstatic that
angry apple’s finally dead and gone?

For all that’s lost
will forever be gone

Fee fie fo fum
Upset apple is dead and gone

I hope you’re happy with what you’ve done.
sammybunnie Nov 2013
You hit the wall
You hit the roof
You hit the spot that
Let me loose

You lied to me once
You lied to me twice
So now you have to pay the price

You try flee
You try to run
But no one’s leaving ‘til the deed is done

Now that apple’s dead and gone
I hope that you’re happy for all that’s lost.

— The End —