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Sam Straub Nov 2011
There was once a girl
and her whispers were like sunshine
peeking through thick leaves
and her hair flowed down like water
rushing with the breeze
and she stood on your stoop
and she said she loved you
but you didn't hear

there was once a boy
and his smile warmed like sweet bread
steaming for the taste
and his words were rich like dark chocolate
twisting your toungue with pleasure
and he stood on his stoop
and he broke a heart
but she didn't hear

there was once a mother
and her ears were like the trees
always waiting to hear the tiniest rustling of leaves
and her hands were like stone
lined by honest strength, bearing no weakness
and she held this smallest hand
and said nothing's permanent
and that heart break can heal or twist
and silence sweet whispers
and slice long hair
but it was all up to the girl

there was once a brother
and his slaps hurt like ice
on soft baby skin
and his lessons burned
like scars from fires long past
and he taught the boy well
how to not feel it hurt anymore
and he brought the boy home
where mama wasn't there
and daddy didn't care
and the boy never learned

not like the girl
who grew up like the tree
proud, and wise, and strong
and whose cares washed away like spring rain
and whose lessons stuck like thick sap

not like the boy
who grew up like a rock in a river
shrinking with every second
letting it all cut him down
and who couldn't handle it all
and who wore away from the world
much faster than the tree...

— The End —