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Sam Guthrie May 2010
The light pours like honey sweet, thick and gold,
It captures the gaze in eyes that unfold,
Those rays touch her eyes and illuminate there,
A flower so coarse and unbearably fair,
That all those who look into her eyes and stare,
See petals of honey, golden and bright,
Encased in a rapture of glistening light,
It colors her soul hues of earth, rich and deep,
A symphony of golden glimmers that seep,
Her tears seem like dew on the petals they keep,
Gods beautiful mistake, it takes after those eyes,
And there in the soft glow hidden it lies,
You will see it whenever she looks towards the sky.
Sam Guthrie Jan 2010
Fingers ****** digging deeper,
A razor lined ring upon her finger,
Blood from her hand starts to drip,
On the carpet red and thick,
A razor lined ring upon her finger,
Forever will that stained blood linger.

Blood is dripping down her wrist,
The only thing she knows wont twist,
Though pain and anguish make her die,
She still will think, “I’ll never cry”.

As she lies on cold hard floor,
Crimson blood from her body pour,
She dies in the way she lived,
She will hate, she’ll never forgive.

A ****** razor falls to the ground,
Without a heart will make no sound,
Cold, alone had nowhere to go,
Found in her blood drenched in the flow.

She lies in a grave that says, “She is now dead”,
She made cuts from razor for the tears she had shed.
Sam Guthrie Jan 2010
She ran away from all the pain,
With a shattered soul she would obtain,
Hated unwanted with nowhere to go,
She’d always she hurting but no one would know.

She tells herself her lives a mess,
She wants to sleep, eternally rest,
She wants to die sad and hurt,
She’s sick with the pain she can’t divert,
She wants away from all the lies,
She wants to live without stifling cries.

She can’t be happy when she’s alone,
She can’t stay where she has no home,
She can’t go back without memories,
She can’t show the scars when no one sees,
She can’t be loved when she hides it away,
She’s misunderstood so she never can stay.

She wasn’t afraid when she drew her last breath
She had found her escape, her cure was death,
She won’t be remembered and she won’t be missed,
So please if you would listen to this.

Look for a grave unmarked and unknown,
And remember this girl; she’s found her home.
Sam Guthrie Jan 2010
I hear your voice that whispers a name and I can’t help but cry,
That name you whisper can’t be mine and to tell you is a lie,
I hear these whispers fade away and footsteps slowly leave,
I crawl away into the dark to be alone and grieve,
Memories once fresh and new are now rotten and cold,
You are gone my soul is dead or at least that’s what I am told,
You reject my heart so many times but still I turn to you,
Help me please it’s all I think and all I think is you,
I’ve been over you a thousand times and I’d brave it all again,
Just to see you one last time this is my prayer amen.
Sam Guthrie Jan 2010
My hands are ****** but you can’t see,
The torn up soul I feel in me,
I try to hide the scars I’ve made,
But it’s getting harder and they won’t fade,
My hearts been broken it will not heal,
And I can’t explain the way I feel,
All I hear are shouts are cries,
I feel the pain as someone dies,
To hate a world that hates me back,
To only dream is what I lack,
Forever being a hopeless cause,
Wishing I could make time pause,
And rewind, and stop at the end,
They say when your born life starts that depends,
The start is the end when you’re tired of breath,
And want only a cure that leads you to death,
The start is the end but that’s just for me,
Maybe they’ll understand but how can they see?
Sam Guthrie Jan 2010
I can hear you screaming in the darkness that I fear,
I can see your helpless eyes filling with your tears,
I can never help you and I feel so deject,
Always smashing mirrors for my sins they will reflect,
I see you curled up as they tare apart  your soul,
The crimson blood flowing with the sense of time in toll,
I will forever continue this and that you know is true,
It’s a hopeless little prayer that I sadly made for you,
Please understand I really tried so hard,
But even now all my efforts only left you scarred,
I know I was the voice deep inside your head,
I truly wanted to save you and remember what you said,
Please, I pray, forgive me for I know that I was wrong,
Making you so weak whenever you were strong,
I watch the coldness in your sad and lifeless eyes,
Filled with nothing but the dark and painful lies,
I watch as the razor falls towards the ground,
Dropping from your hand now waiting to be found,
I always see the cuts that are as deep as bone,
And I curse myself for ever leaving you alone,
I pray you now with saddened love, please come back home.
Sam Guthrie Jan 2010
The darkness just won’t let go,
From my eyes the crimson flow,
You won’t see what I don’t show,
You can’t be when I don’t know,
I hear the screams of all the pain,
The injustice they contain,
I see you crying in the rain,
The whispers stay deep in my dreams,
Nothing there is what it seems,
My faith is what I can’t redeem,
I wish this would all just end,
Hating all the time I spend,
Never trust your deepest friend,
Indecisive are all of my thoughts,
Leaving my body behind as it rots,
Still battling the dark I’ve fought,
I can bleed my body dry,
But my soul refused to die,
And to myself I always lie.
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