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Miss Masochist Mar 2016
I'm no saint. Hell, I know I'm a sinner. I try my hardest to treat others with decency. You show no remorse for the disaster you spread along the path behind you. Others will clean up the broken pieces of themselves that they trusted you to care for. If only that meant a **** thing to you. I would say "Go to hell," but since I am speaking to a fellow sinner, I will see you in hell.
Miss Masochist Feb 2014
What if it's too late?
What if I've already ruined my life?
What if they see through my fake smile?
What if I can't hold back my tears, and they paint my story for everyone to see?
What if they stop loving me?
What if I'm that freak?
What if I can't live up to the expectations?
What if they see that I'm faking it; that I'm not okay?
What if I end it all right now?...
Miss Masochist Feb 2014
I've wanted so desperately to find someone goofy.
I've searched the world to find someone sweet.
I only knew you long enough to hear you call me gorgeous.
I thought you were adorable.
Why did I walk away?
Miss Masochist Feb 2014
A defense mechanism; a shield; a lie.
You let your guard down, underestimating my wisdom and abilities.
You lack the morals you pretend are there.
You're fake, and I can destroy you.
Miss Masochist Feb 2014
Respect those around you, but don't take *******.
Live life to the fullest, but in a safe, and practical way.
Don't change who you are for anyone, but be better than what you are now.
You are a public treasure, but a private disgrace.
**** it, you're a hopeless cause.
Miss Masochist Feb 2014
Do you remember that little girl with the big, brown eyes and a bright future?
She was adventurous, and full of innocence.
What happened to her?
You ****** her up.
She, herself, doesn't know how to find her.
Living in fear and regret; lost, forever in her own confused mind.
Do you remember me?
I remember you with perfect clarity.
Miss Masochist Feb 2014
Your chest so warm, your heart so cold
The familiar look in your eyes, the sweet words on your lips
Your affection comforting, your love terrifying
The monster is exposed.
I pull away, you pull me back
I push you away, but it's no use.
My heart tells me "love"
My brain tells me "abuse"...
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