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  Feb 2018 anna
Hello my names anxiety
I forgot what trust tastes like
I stopped caring about the world before the world could stop caring about me
I was taught to break myself so others couldn’t break me down
I’ve grown afraid of waking up in the morning
The same way I was afraid to never wake up in the morning

Hello my name is female
I’ve witnessed the girls in my life get cat called by men on the streets before I knew what a cat call was
I had to teach my self what a period was because we don’t talk about those things in school
Because of guys who got grossed about over a women’s ****** the same guys who watched hours of **** before going to bed

Hello my name is 13
But I’m not supposed to tell you that because my age makes me less of myself
Because I can’t know about the world problems before I’m 18, Apparently
Because when you were my age the world wasn’t your problem

Hello my name is queer
I’m scared to tell people because I’ve seen kids abandoned for loving those they love
Because mom and dad make homophobic jokes
Then tell me it’s okay they have gay friends
I’m to afraid to tell a girl I love her because her friends don’t like my type of love

Hello my names society told me I’m not good enough
Because of the people I love
Because of the gender I was born as
Because of the age I am
Because of the mental illness I have
Because being me just isn’t good enough

Hey... my names Alessia
And I’m just trying to be happy

— The End —