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Sahil Suri Jan 2013
I tried to skate, for the first time in my life.
at 17 years old... a noble strife
tough... an understatement
for apparently..uncoordinated am I .

So here's what I learned:
Skating is life

there are those who are learning
who must hold on for help
and those who glide with grace
and try to help the rest

neither age nor time matter

just fun
everyone working together

and slowly getting better

It is
in it's litteral essence
learning to survive on thin ice

and having good friends
good people to guide you
aiding in whatever you may do

makes it all worthwhile

and all the more fun
to fall on your ***
and get up to try again
yea.. a true story
I felt bad so many people were spending time to try and help me... when they could be having fun. Yet only now have I realized that that's just how it is. And I realized that im surrounded by some great people. Overall,  im glad i did it for I now know that I can trust these wonderful people to always be there to catch me :)
Sahil Suri Jan 2013
waiting for him to ride by on his bike
Bringing with him the air of summer and grass stained clothes
We ride together, speeding through puddles
Speeding though problems like they are
but puddles- oil stained
we ride through time, without rhyme or reason
Without purpose or direction
we leave that oak tree
Together. Free.
A poem I wrote with my friend brinley :)
Sahil Suri Dec 2012
As I walk through the streets of Newark
on this christmas' eve
I see as the mayans did
a world plunged in calamity

For I see not lovebirds walking by
nor do I see the old men waving hi
where have all these good people gone?
does anyone else see anything wrong?

The stores, not decorated festively
but one wreath perched up high
as the TV screens buzz on
about ******, ****, and genocide

Is this what has become of christmas eve?
if so I truly do not believe
that there is any value in the holiday
well at least not anymore...

and it all might as well have ended
more than 3 days ago

honestly- mayans- am I too late?
was your doomsday prediction delayed?
a prophesy that we have yet to see
about how we shall destroy ourselves

we all jumped to assume that the end
shall come from some horrid outside force
this allowed us all to just pretend
that humans don't hurt humans- of course.

While there are no children in the streets
and they fear of what may come
from the horrid acts they have seen on TV
they say to Saint Nicholas,

"You ask to know my christmas gift- and I have but one"
"please make sure those who are hurting will get some"

and just as you mayans
came to destroy yourself
is that what we
shall come to do once again?

or is there hope?
As I was walking through the streets of Newark NJ on christmas eve.. I saw no one on the streets, there was no hustling and bustling, no lovebirds walking by, no kids , no new mothers with their babies..and the streets weren't decorated at all... The tvs were left on, and not a single good thing was shown... it truly caused me to think about how lucky I am and how much christmas has changed since I was a kid
Sahil Suri Dec 2012
Why do You tempt us so?
or attempt to tempt as I may say
to intrinsically Covett us with your beauty?
your feinted image but puddle-rooted

waver as you may...

For is it every flower's duty?
to lure in weary enamored travelers
and be loved only by blinded wayfarers?
hence the expression stop and smell the roses-


And yet You have come to be known
as the pinnacle of beauty and love
whilst You would know not of either
compassion, romance, and emotion...

more of a lack thereof..

for true beauty is not measured
by the magnificance of your flower
but is rather found  in beauty of your roots
the same can be said for love

*it requires but one to do the digging...
Sahil Suri Dec 2012
Tonight we fly
under the stars
that light the night sky

tonight we
our movements illuminated
by the night's shining light

soon we will
and in the sky
while it may seem
that we are drifting
A      P         A            R                  T
promise me
we'll always fly together
My friend and I decided to do a random "do-not-think" type poetry and just write in under 10 minutes. hope you like it :)
Sahil Suri Dec 2012
many claim their girls are one- of- a- kind
it's just that is not the case for mine
for most it is just a state of mind
A notion they follow blindly

for I know my girl can't be the only one
crafted ever so perfectly
Made to by the same model
There must me many more

for I know that there are others like her
made beautiful inside and out
from her frizzy golden hair
to her chin dimple and sassy pout

there are many others like her -
of that I am sure
and they are called angles

...and in the heavens they soar
Sahil Suri Nov 2012
descending from heaven's height
to cover the world with your beauty and might
amongst others you may feel insignificant- meek
but remember always- *YOU ARE UNIQUE!
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