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Dec 2012
Why do You tempt us so?
or attempt to tempt as I may say
to intrinsically Covett us with your beauty?
your feinted image but puddle-rooted

waver as you may...

For is it every flower's duty?
to lure in weary enamored travelers
and be loved only by blinded wayfarers?
hence the expression stop and smell the roses-


And yet You have come to be known
as the pinnacle of beauty and love
whilst You would know not of either
compassion, romance, and emotion...

more of a lack thereof..

for true beauty is not measured
by the magnificance of your flower
but is rather found  in beauty of your roots
the same can be said for love

*it requires but one to do the digging...
Sahil Suri
Written by
Sahil Suri
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