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sady Joshua Apr 2018
Each blue drives us a little bit more insane throughout life...
But that makes us wild and a limited edition...
So let us be the real definition of lunatic and the world will be ours...
sady Joshua Mar 2018
A successful relationship gives you the best time of your life..

But a broken one gives you the best words to write your soul in verses...
sady Joshua Mar 2018
Push the like button if you know that pain of being heartbroken and if you know that feeling of being completely shattered..

Push the like button if you know how it feels to be worthless and useless.. did you saw things felt apart and all you could just do is stare blankly? Did you realised how that breakup caused your self-destruction?

Push the like button if you grew stronger.
Push that like button if you’re still hurt...
sady Joshua Mar 2018
Having a bite of that sweet chocolate cake, reminds me how life was sweet to me that time. Everything was rosy but foolish. Life laughed at me and kicked my faith and my soul out. So tasteless, so worthless... yes i became strong but i still want that tenderness and that warmth. Can i move on from you? I guess time will tell... that black rose you gave me breaks everything inside of me.. that black rose was the pain to left in me. Yet i smile now for being able to see you and feel you everyday.. what kind of relationship is that? I fake my smile everyday, every minutes and every second.. you made me feel crazy, you made me feel useless.. I’ve become the black rose of my life
sady Joshua Feb 2018
I’ve let you in..
I’ve gave you everything..
I’m gave my all in this relationship..
Why this punishment then?

Nothing make sense anymore..
Despite we’re not together, i still love you..
I’m all empty, my soul needs you, my body needs you..
Come back baby, i miss you
sady Joshua Feb 2018
Letting the breeze kissed my face and my neck made it feel good...that night was calm and soothing... the perfect night.. all the darkness and mysteries of the night became my comfort.. breathing in that refreshing air made me happy and nothing is worth ruining my moments... those sweet and fresh breeze played with my hair and hold me like no one did before.. if i could describe that beautiful wind, i would call it in one word.... “peacefulness”.. it brought me all the happiness and confort that i deserve and this is the kind of company that ive been longing for... so much loneliness yet nothing feel discomfort... that silence became my happiness and made me forget that cruel world full of selfish people... that night gave me all the gentleness that I’ve been dying for..that  fresh wind conforts me and brought the best in me.. that’s what i derserve, some comfort and some loneliness
sady Joshua Feb 2017
poems are dangerous.. you're free to express any thoughts, any envies, any fantasies and any're open to poets verses..some may poison your mind and some may bring your peace of mind. those insane thoughts that control your mind
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