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eb Jun 2019
the fear
of not knowing
has always terrified me.

i crave to experience life
in it's many shades.

i wish to taste the nectar
of so many more unique

i would never act on such impulse,
but it is a thought that consumes me

i am a magnet.
i shall forever
be stuck to
the 'safe'

eb Jun 2019
in the earliest years of my youth,
nothing terrified me more
than the silhouettes that formed in the darkest darkness.

now, nothing claws fear from me.
except, everything.
those that i hold in the warmest corner of my heart
are the same silhouettes that i pushed out with the light of a lamp.

the darkness that i used to fear
i now embrace in place of those.
as if flipped, i fear those in the light
more than i do those in the dark.

eb Jun 2019
i have never been
a hateful person,
but the hate that
i carry for you
will hang over
me for an eter-
nity and more.
like a half-set
sun that will
never allow
the moon to
take her pl-
ace in the
night sky


— The End —