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Sabrina D Oct 2012
Because words
meant nothing to us,
only when we touched
would we become immersed
in each other,
only when subtle breath
would escape us,
and only when we join
do we become euphoric.

Drunk in atmosphere,
loaded with ecstasy,
you were the guide
to every movement,
my eyes
with prickling fingertips.
"Be mine"
I whisper.
Sabrina D Oct 2012
I love bones.
I love skin.
I love lungs,
how they make a chest rise
as a person inhales.
        I love dawn
I love running
as I pass through mist
on cold mornings.
        I love coffee late at night
with a cigarette.
       I love the little things
that people do,
such as how they move
or how they touch.
       I love knowing I'm alone
consumed by silence
and the air is filled
with conscious thought.
       I love dark things,
creepy things,
****** up fairy tales
and beauty in the most hideous
of creatures.
       I love the colour grey,
I love when it rains in the city
and every man that passes
is cloaked in dark trenchcoats.
       But mostly,
I love waking up
when you sleep so softly
and innocently
next to me,
and I feel
that everything is safe.
Sabrina D Oct 2012
Fingers bound
curling softly
as to not destroy
the skin.
Eyelashes bat
and bones creak
as two lovers
shift in a rhythm
so syncopated
and so in love.
Sabrina D Oct 2012
Youth was a devil,
tempting us
with promise,
hiding us
from consequence.
Sabrina D Oct 2012
I listened to the soft roll
of the gears in the elevator,
the girl we had just met
baring a smile,
"So you're the boy I hear
all the stories about?"

He replied with a smile and nod
as if it had not bothered him,
his reputation
the source of his pride
rather than a subject of disgust.

Now she turns to me
as I can feel my chest
grow tight,
"And you're still with him?"
she asks
with a bat of her eyelids.

I give out a fake laugh
and that was all,
for the girl we had just met
had said to me
what I had been avoiding,
the one fault
in the boy that I had loved.
Sabrina D Oct 2012
Tamper me
and play with my bones,
hold my lungs
to help my breath escape me,
run your fingers
along my veins,
and watch as a soft plum tone
arises from my skin.
Revel in my eyes
as they watch you dance,
gaze upon me,
and create me.
I am nothing but a puppet,
and you
the master of my strings.
Sabrina D Oct 2012
I do not like being alone on these nights,
I cannot sleep,
and I cannot fight
the constant battles
that dance with a malevolent
waltz around my mind.
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