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Oct 2012
I love bones.
I love skin.
I love lungs,
how they make a chest rise
as a person inhales.
        I love dawn
I love running
as I pass through mist
on cold mornings.
        I love coffee late at night
with a cigarette.
       I love the little things
that people do,
such as how they move
or how they touch.
       I love knowing I'm alone
consumed by silence
and the air is filled
with conscious thought.
       I love dark things,
creepy things,
****** up fairy tales
and beauty in the most hideous
of creatures.
       I love the colour grey,
I love when it rains in the city
and every man that passes
is cloaked in dark trenchcoats.
       But mostly,
I love waking up
when you sleep so softly
and innocently
next to me,
and I feel
that everything is safe.
Sabrina D
Written by
Sabrina D  Perth.
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