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 Feb 2015 sabina
Janay Moore
I should really stop taking your body as my communion
but oh God
do I remember Jesus every time.
 Feb 2015 sabina
Janay Moore
 Feb 2015 sabina
Janay Moore
Lately my dreams have been working 12 hour shifts
and you seem to disappear at the 13th
But around hour 15 I start to draw your eyes on the tv screen
and taste your lips on my knife
I start to bleed because I think your name just cut into my lip a bit

and you're gone

At hour 19 i swear I hear your voice on the other line of whoever my dad is talking to and I can't breathe anymore
Hour 22 is the roughest
but only because my hands are a lot softer than yours and I can't quite get them to do that thing you did

It's hour 24
and I think this blanket was stitched from your body
 Jan 2014 sabina
Lexi Vinton
I hate poetry
about flowers
and springtime
or love
or the feeling of your darling's hand
or her ******* lips.

Poetry should make you really
but some burn
more like sitting at a baseball game
in the sun
and you forgot to put on sunscreen
and you hate baseball.

I like poems
written late at night
with your brain blasted
on adderall
or coffee
or cheap *****.

when your veins are filled with acid
when you're eating mac n cheese
made in the splattered microwave
with a broken plastic fork
and maybe even some broken dreams.

I like poems
when you're miserable
sitting in the sun
when all you want
is some ******* rain
to complement your melancholy mood
but the sun still ******* shines.

Untied shoelaces
and empty plastic water bottles
rolling down trash-filled streets
should take the pen out of your hand
and write some poetry for you.
Poetry about desperation
and drugs
and commonplace things
that drive you to the edge of a cliff.

I like poems
about that stupid pen
that won't work
so you scribble in the margin
but it still

Maybe I don't like poems at all.
Maybe I just like
sounding pretentious
like some Bukowski wannabe
or maybe
I just like poems about

Either way,
**** those *******
 Jan 2014 sabina
Lexi Vinton
There was a man
sitting at the end of the bar
so I bought him a drink.

“Thank you, miss,”
he said.
I smiled
and left the bar
being carried by gusts of warm wind.

I went to my apartment
and cleaned the entire place
blasting music
loud enough for the neighbors
to hear.

I drew large,
and taped them to the wall
by my bed
to look at from time to time.

I drank an entire bottle of wine,
white wine,
and went to sleep
wrapped in warm blankets
and warm thoughts.

The next morning
I woke up with a smile
taking up residence on my face.

Then I opened the door
and almost stepped out into the hall
before the cold, gray
pushed me into the pool
of cold, ***** water.

I sat on the floor
wrapped in blankets
but unable to ward off the cold.

I banged my head on a table,
but didn't feel a thing.

I looked at all of the bottles
of pills
that I had collected.
And I contemplated taking a few
or the whole bottle.

But I didn't.

I downed half a bottle
of *****
and hated myself.

I looked at myself,
scowling in the mirror.
“Go **** yourself,”
I told the reflection.

All of the sudden
the warmth came back
and I put flowers in a vase
and gazed at them lovingly.

I smiled at myself in the mirror,
proud of who I was
and everything I had ever done.
I thought excitedly
about everything I would do tomorrow,
the next day
and the next day.

Then I purposely knocked the flowers
off the table
with my closed fist
and downed an entire bottle of pills.
 Apr 2013 sabina
Be my safe haven
Heal my burns and cuts from past lovers and then kiss all the scars
Hold me town and hold me tight
Don't allow me to wander away from you
Show me that your love won't turn into more burns and cuts and scars
Show me that I am capable of being loved
Be the first person to never abandon me for people love to leave me for reasons I will never understand
Show me that I am worth loving
I promise you won't regret it
I will love you intensely and fully, with my whole heart, my entire body, my complete soul
I will treat you like you are the only thing I've ever wanted, ever needed
****** my mind and you can have my body
Surrender yourself to me
 Apr 2013 sabina
Will the sunlight and my deep brown eyes
Find more of your warm skin?
Will the sunlight and my full lips
Find yours again and again?

Will our lips meet like they did that one night
In the drizzling rain?
As we stood embracing each other
In the middle of the lane

Will the moonlight and my intense gaze
Find your twinkling eyes that always lead me in?
Will the moonlight and my trembling hands
Find yours again and again?

Will our lips meet like they did that one night
In the drizzling rain?
As we stood embracing each other
In the middle of the lane

The sun and the moon and you
Shine so very, very bright
I think of you as light
 Apr 2013 sabina
Deep Desires
 Apr 2013 sabina
I am forever longing to explore all of the secrets of the physical universe
To savor the input from all of my senses
To feel all of the joy and the sorrow
All of the laughter and the empathy
I long to continually expand my knowledge
And my mind
My aptitude and my magnitude
I am forever longing to go on a cosmic adventure
And never come back to this reality
 Apr 2013 sabina
Think of me as smoke
As I float here and there slowly
Chasing the shape of your body
I drift away and return only to collide with the warm breath
That escapes from your mouth with so much ease
As I slowly get closer and closer
I drift towards you until I reach your lips
You reach for me
But I am gone
I have vanished
Right before you can grasp me
I slip through your fingertips
And I am nowhere to be found
I can only be yours if you search for me until you find me again
Because at least then I will know you will never leave me
 Apr 2013 sabina
Staring blankly out the window
Lost in contemplation
And observation
Sipping casually through a plastic straw
Completely immersed in my racing thoughts
And the shuffling of feet
And the way the shadows lay harshly on the grass and cement in the sun

Halfway over
Blue silhouettes
Reaching limbs
The hum of existence

A boy riding his bicycle
A girl walking along the path
I am not here
No one sees me
Existence is plaguing

Where are the clouds?
A breeze kissing my face softly
Touching my hair longingly
I see everything and everyone around me
But they do not see me
I blend in so naturally
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