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S Anand Aug 2013
Today I shall not pollute the environment,
I shall not brush, and I shall not bathe,
I shall not ****, and I shall not eat,
Today I shall not burn rubber,
Today I shall not use rubber.

Today I shall lie here, naked, with these sheets wrapped around me,
and I shall rot.
For what is rotting, if not Nature holding me against her *****,
as I slowly, effortlessly melt, giving back what is rightfully hers.
'Howl' inspired. Though compared to his poetry, mine is just...a dull roar.
S Anand Apr 2014
To the girl who sits at the opposite end of the classroom,
Tonight you look so beautiful with your make up and your sari and your hair,
I've also seen you in ***** jeans and an old T-shirt and early morning hair; and Oh You look so beautiful!

To the girl who sits at the opposite end of the classroom,
It was always about something that you wore,
I'm not talking about your clothes and I'm not talking about your hair,
It's about you wearing the most genuine smile I have ever seen in my life.

To the girl who sits at the opposite end of the classroom,
When you smiled, I smiled,
When you cried, my heart jumped up and pleaded, "Do something about it!"
And my head said, "Shhhh. She doesn't know you exist, let her friends take care of her!"
And as usual I made the mistake of listening to my head rather than my heart,

To the girl who sits at the opposite end of the classroom,
When you sat next to me during a random presentation,
My palms became sweaty, I was nervous, I was awkward, It.Was.Embarrassing.
And at the end of the presentation when you got up to leave and you turned around and said, "S*, you're funny",
It was the best day of my life.

To the girl who sits at the opposite end of the classroom,
When I get old and I'm on my deathbed, I will forget,
I will forget the stairs, the canteen, the classrooms, the teachers, the friends,
I will forget everything,
I will forget me,
But I won't forget you.
S Anand Mar 2013
What I really need right now is a purpose,
before my body gets old and turns to dust,
What I really need right now is a direction,
Somewhere I go and learn and practice and become an epitome of perfection,
What I really need right now is a guiding mentor,
Someone who...

At this moment she enters the room and looks over my shoulder.
She smells of soap, her hair still wet.
"You want a purpose...go make coffee for me darling.
You want directions...go out your door and take a left for the kitchen.
No mentor...all you get is a princess."
She makes me forget.
She makes me smile.
It's worth it.
S Anand Mar 2013
All day I sit, sleep and get tired,
I really do wanna feel inspired,
I see people around me, robots and computers,
Not really breathing, just living in doubts and fears,
Let's invent a dance form,
Let's discover where caterpillars come from,
let's give to the poor and to the needy,
For an inspired man has no boundaries, no limitations,
He don't need no money, his mind is full of innovations,
It's not that I don't have the time,
Sometimes all you need is a partner in crime.
S Anand Mar 2013
Sometimes I ask my head,
What exactly is my role,
It replies rather bluntly,
How do I know, Go ask your soul.

So I say to my soul,
Why am I here, What is my goal,
Silence, Nothing but deep dark silence,
One that could pierce the heart, Create a hole.

You're asking the wrong question,
Said my faithful heart(with a hole),
Search for the right question, Instead of the wrong answer,
Maybe then you'll know where to go, Your path,

Maybe I should set out on a journey,
But i stay where I am, comfortable and bored,
What's the use, Each day brings a new question,
A new dilemna, Just begging to be explored,

You listen to me, and you listen to me good,
A little voice inside of me says,
Keep looking for answers, If time is all you have to waste,
Be strong, Move on, Don't get lost in this maze,

So I move forward, No time to look back,
With this voice guiding me always,
For once i have a clear conscience,
Long forgotten is that part of my life, that phase,

Its a carefree world now,
No more questions,
Except for one,

"Who are you, little voice, What's your name?",

"I am not one,but three,
For one cannot rule your world,
I am Your Head, Your Heart and Your Soul,
And the only reason we spoke out as one,
Was for you to understand,
Life is a vicious circle, a sadistic game,
You already knew the question, You already had the answer,
For more things change, More they remain the same."
S Anand Mar 2013
When I read the poems she wrote for me,
In reply to the ones I wrote for her,
It makes me feel so high and mighty,
As if no one can ever steal my thunder;

Every time I heard her voice on the telephone,
Making everything sound extraordinary;
She never could help that bossy tone,
Yet sound like the perfect Disney fairy;

If she were mine I'd be invincible,
Without her I cant help but feel invisible,
The very thought of her and my heart melts,
Today I saw her get married to someone else.
S Anand Feb 2019
Hello madam
I don't mean to be rude
but can I intrude
into your space?
Not personal space, oh no,
just the space that you exist in;
The space that has traces
of your intellect,
what you reflect
Of whatever this world throws at you;
See. you write about everything
but I want to know
the very thing
that makes you click,
that makes you tick
Tok Tik Tok
Like a clock,
you may write,
but is it all locked?
Or can I get a chance
to glance
inside this head of yours?

— The End —