Aug 2013 Ruth Miranda
M Hughes
What if I've already met you
What if we've crossed paths
on the busy streets of Manhattan
or in line at a coffee shop
or in speeding cars passing on the highway

What if I've already met you
as the cashier at a market
or the customer at another

What if we studied in the same library
at the same time
but didn't look up from our books

What if you took the stairs
but that day
I took the elevator

What if I've already met you
but I didn't really meet you

What if I missed my chance
because I was too caught up
in my mind's scattered thoughts

What if I've already met you
and I'll never meet you again
 Oct 2010 Ruth Miranda
D Conors
all i have left are brief, fleeting fantasies.

i see things i wish i could touch, and touch nothing that i see.

it makes no sense, none at all i know, as it's now all in vain.

i must learn to give myself up, i must give into the pain.

tears are trying to fall, yet the lions of rage stifle the flow.

i know i am going nowhere with nowhere going to go.

here's me taking a stroll now into that land of makingitallup.

this is my last less than a mile to go, falling down, falling up.

this is the invisible me who can no longer be seen or give talk.

this is me you don't see on the bymyself walk.

brief fantasy:
18 oct. 10
 Oct 2010 Ruth Miranda
D Conors
i see your eyes
bright sparkle-flecks,
an illumination
a light
that would
the wee-small hour
when my body
my every sleeping hour
was a quake
of scattered
and memory schemes,
mixed up
and lost
in the tangle of an ache
that for some
amazing reason
only be soothed
13 oct. 10
wow!!! to say love is true,
but! for real girl!!  
you melt my heart away?
with them  gentle angel
eyes of love.
it true baby girl you
are the cat meow.
see  them
top  model on tv .
they have nothing on you!
nothing! because, girl!
you are the blank!!!
you are the top model,
of my  heart! girl!
my heart!
my girl!
yeah   baby girl.
you melt my heart away.
with that warm sweet
you are my angel of love
you are a star in my heart.
that melts  my heart away.
you are beauty of spring.
you are my life.
my angel  love
your my girl.
you sweet thing you.
i love you,
baby girl.
 Oct 2010 Ruth Miranda
D Conors
maybe you may or may not see me
if you think you see me anywhere,
i may soon no longer be around,
but i may be gone into the softly air;
and in the subtle shadows,
of the flutter of the coloured leaves,
you may or may not see me,
floating in the billowed branches breeze.

maybe you may or may not see me,
this insight i shall never know,
for my life, i feel now dims to darkness,
trembling like a tiny, weakened flaming glow;
and within these dwindling hours here,
you may see me, or this may not be so,
for i am not sure if i was really there,
but, i know that shortly i must go...

soon me:
07 oct. 10
 Oct 2010 Ruth Miranda
D Conors
More along the lines
of my loneliness discord,
I stepped into the crime
of a dirty, painful sword.

Too many closing doors,
and sorrow always there,
a memory has flood the moors
of my eyes a-brim with tears.

We have watched the sacred clock,
tick-tocking away delight,
yet never understood the shock
that something was not quite right.

Tomorrow's now never hoped for,
yesterday's a shattered dream,
we now crouch behind a closed, locked door,
and in silence loudly scream.
D. Conors
c. July 1985

— The End —