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Russell Slater Feb 2013
I watched you fall gently
I watched you hit so hard
I watched your struggle

I cup you in my hand
Wings bent back
And out of place

Your chest rises shallow
cage bars are showing
My concern deepens
Russell Slater Jan 2013
More than miles
The space
Between us

I see you
Only from afar
Your touch
Lost its meaning

Driven away
By confrontation
Pulled close
By temptation
Russell Slater Jan 2013
The bite no longer
Effects my throat

No dry burn
To delay the onset
Of my natural state

Don't stop
Flow is too important
To disrupt
Russell Slater Jan 2013
A home for neglected hearts
Each battered and bruised
Still fighting
Yet, never to find each other

Yearning only shows the cracks
The fragility of something so strong
Hoping only weakens conviction
When there is no action to take
Russell Slater Jan 2013
I look at the sunset
And I realise why lesser men
Believe in heaven
Russell Slater Jan 2013
Our Father
Now - there's a sentence
Heavenly or Mortal
I've yet to see evidence of either
Russell Slater Jan 2013
Street lights
Extinguish as I pass
As if my shadow
Too much effort to cast

Sky still sits still
Path still wet grey
Lone footsteps echo back
Against the early morning
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