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Rumi Mar 2021
it's floating in the sky
up bright with the stars so high
like the king of the night
me waiting for my knight
I wonder when it would pass by
a limerick poem....all rules followed
Rumi Oct 2020
I was passing by through my table,
I saw that one thing…
That one thing that in itself is a fable,
Standing there, tall, like a king.

I don't know if it was a present,
Or a tool to make me dive into the past,
I prefer the latter and resent,
That I will be losing a part of my world, fast.

The world that we created together,
An Earth full of memories,
To which I would love to tether,
And ease all my worries.

The endless number of clicks,
That we took wherever we went,
Are the life and strong bricks,
Of the Memory House, where all the time we spent.

Remember those long nature walks,
Or the Hide ‘n’ Seek in the Motor Garage?
And those “new” Double-Meaning Talks,
Created in Grade-4 due to Rage, or was it courage?

I still remember the “Hundred Day”,
And our lonely corners,
And the Night Outs in May,
At our best friends’, now former?!

The Trips, were as if our lives,
And the Tuckshop, our heart,
Or the Night outs were our little memory hives,
Just like the sessions of Sports, Music, and Art.

What about the games of Confessions?
Or the Truth or Dares?
And the savage teasing's during the sessions?
That I will remember, even if no one cares.

While all of this was getting traced into the memory,
Many of us left, we fell apart,
But, that did not make them just a memory to bury,
We are still together in the heart!

We have been together,
Through thick and thin,
And I can't lose you guys, whatever be the matter,
Nor would I forget the school, even if our worlds spin.
this was a poem by one of my writer friend who has her farewell this year......
i will miss her
Rumi Jul 2020
It started that night when
I was sleeping on my bed
And a loud thundering sound woke me up
I went out to see,
when a drop of water fell on me
I looked up high,
thunderous cloud and grey sky
I felt a shiver as wind blowed
And from then till this moment
water runs from my windows.

— The End —