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C Jan 2020
She adds contrast to my life
She can turn anxiety into ease,
Fear into comfort, anger into calm
She adds color to my cheeks just above my pale lips
My cold fingers melt as I trace her warm skin
And when I hold her close
She melts my cold heart
When I am in her arms
Time stops and I want to stay there forever

She is the perfect contrast
She balances out my disaster
with her perfection
C Jun 2019
And i'd wait for you for eternity. If i cant have you in this lifetime, i'll wait for you in the next. And the next and the next and the next, foolishly. Trust me, I'll know it's you. The familiar feeling of you. The warmth between your arms. The scintillating look in your eyes. Your cold touch. Every small detail of you is stuck in my soul. I may be foolish but I cannot waste this soul of mine if it cannot be yours.
C Jan 2019
I have tremors

I have no control of my hands shaking
As calm as I may be, I have tremors
And when I get anxious or anything
The shaking is far, far worse

Yet all I ask is for her hand to hold
I swear, I will never let go
And I hope she will hold on
No matter how bad my fingers tremble
C Mar 2018
you are the prayer
and i, the sinner

you are my last salvation
you are what i utter
over and over
C Feb 2018
one thing i learned
is that even the loveliest of things
will eventually disappear
as quick as lightning
and as slow as a sunset
C Feb 2018
an oxygen thief is someone
who is useless
someone whose mere consumption
of oxygen is a waste

but i see it
as a different metaphor
my oxygen thief
is someone
who took my breath away

and either way
he was my oxygen thief
either way
i really loved him
C Jan 2018
for years now
i've been praying
that God would send me an angel

and it's also a coincidence
that you are named
after an angel
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