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Ross Nov 2011
all of this could, indeed,
be ours
spreading lies between
oiled up thighs
thick with condescension and a
veneer of left over hand-me-down
its not quite you,
it's a not even a substitute
but it will do:
filling the loneliness
at the bottom of the well
Ross Nov 2011
feels liberating
these little first world problems
resolved by unsubscribing
from an annoying mailing list
or deleting an aged account
that is useless, created on a whim
filling in-boxes with spam and junk
killing social media links,
paring back digital presences
all with the idea
of spending less time farting about
more time creating, living, reading
but they **** you back
with 2 for 1 deals, 10% off,
free for a month, look we’ve added
some ****, and yeah, it costs more, but
our life will be better with it
so the rest of the night
is filled with creating spam filters
more unsubscribing, more account deletions
until someone recommends you sign up for
the new revolutionary internet saviour
the be all and end all of all your woes
it will make you stronger, faster, more
organised, less likely to drink yourself
to sleep each night, give you the power
of 10 rhinos, and the ****** prowess of
a puma!

probably best to disconnect now
turn off the router, unplug the modem
get your **** the old fashioned way
before they tie your nervous system
to the silicon pathways
and advertise to your dreams
Ross Nov 2011
Getting older *****,
with all the aches and pains
and worries about growths
and tumours,
cancers and heart failure

my prostrate is fine,
thank you very much,
but can you check this mole?
this pain, this ache?
this over impending sense
of mortality knocking at the door?

the late night harrowing
discoveries guaranteeing
no sleep
until a call to the doctor,

the cutting back on everything
while increasing vitamin intake
exercise, stress free times
for self reflection
and discovery of ailments
and illnesses, inducing stress
increasing heart rate,
needing a drink to calm down
but not too much, as the liver
has already suffered enough

the days advance into night
and the night advances to day
and before you know it
it the sun sets one last time
Ross Nov 2011
The man who wants
To be left alone,
Bringing the hatred to
The forefront
The man grumpy and
Grouchy in a beer soaked
Waiting on the next
Delivery of angst
Writing his bad words
Pretentious in his outlook
Driven in his petulance
Greedy and needy
The man, ancient and aging
Fattening on the high fructose
Diet of beer and pastries
Keeping it all in and sharing nothing

But the fabrication
Never lives up to the hype
So the man crawls into his sack
Sleeping the day away,
Awaiting another night of tv,
Jerking off and sugary treats
Ross Aug 2010
when I drink
whisky, gin, beer
the naked rear ends
of women
fill my mind
jiggling and wiggling
enticing my half
asleep, half *****
body to do more
than it’s capable

every glance in
my direction from
eye shadowed
lipsticked faces
is a knowing look,
a wanting look,
every wriggle
and flash of skin
directed towards me
Ross Aug 2010
a glimpse of bliss
through the gap of the
door, slightly ajar
your naked body
stretching in the
early morning light

bending to get your robe,
unaware of my presence,
your lithe form, smooth skin
earth shook
and my knees got weak
Ross Aug 2010
This could be
my love poem
one dedicated to
the ins and outs
the be all and end all
of my dedication to you
in body and mind
but the sparrows in
my chest flutter and chirp
dampening my voice
and the words all warble
and twist

this could be
my love poem
filled with all the
hows, whys, whens
and wheres
of the passion
I feel when touching
your naked flesh
but the electricity
that arcs from your breast
to mine
constricts my larynx
and the words squeak
and squawk

this could be
my love poem
showering you with
the adoration
that, in past times,
brought nations
to war
but my head is filled
with cotton wool
and my eyes take
one last glimpse
of your smile
and the words are
lost in half murmured
barely audible sibilance
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