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Rosie Wisniewski Nov 2013
Strapless and lace
That's what I thought it'd be
It wasn't just a dream
I really thought that was me
With the done up hair
With a bouquet of roses
I thought that was me.

White picket fences
Children in the yard
Cooking breakfast and dinner
For all of us, three
With that picture perfect life
I thought that was me.

But, forget about that
I remind you of the wedding dress
That I won't be able to wear
Because it has your name on it
The wedding dress
The engagement that could never be salvaged
Not that I want it...anymore
It's just a pity
That poor wedding dress
Will never be worn
Because it's meant for me
But, still has your name on it.
Rosie Wisniewski Nov 2013
Only when I think about it
Does my stomach drop
Along with my heart
Which ends up on the ground
Because I can remember the sound
Of your voice.

Only when I think about it
Do my hands begin to shake
And I have to will them to be still
Because you were the one who held them still
When I couldn't do it on my own
Like right now.

Only when I think about it
Do the tears start to fall
While sitting in the library
In the middle of classes
Trying to stifle the cries
Like right now.

Only when I think about it
Do I see you and what we were
Only then does my heart sink
My hands shake
And the tears fall
Only when I think about it
Which happens to be all the time.
Rosie Wisniewski Nov 2013
Maybe we were delusional
Everyone knows we were a little dumb
But, I'd do it all again
And I still wish you the best of luck
There's only one stipulation
Which I know that you won't mind
There will never be a final goodbye
At any time for you and I
You told me I'd see the coast
And I'm gonna hold you to it
Because I knew we both meant forever
But, the times just weren't right
Two different places and two different people
Found each other at the wrong place and the wrong time
But, it was the perfect time
A time to show hope and bring some smiles
Because we were both in dire need
And now I guess our time is done
But, it was sure fun while it lasted.
You hold a very precious spot in my heart forever whether we're together or apart. You just have to fly me out to NH and show me the sights when you get all rich and stuff lol.
Rosie Wisniewski Nov 2013
With the flash of a smile
The sly, cunning smile
And just one spoken word
In that smooth baritone timbre
He'll have you at his knees
Waiting for you to wash his feet
The great betrayer
The liar of liars
But, the one so close
To whom he hides the most
Will never see the twisted side
Of the husband to be
Because under his spell
She is blind to it all
She sees the smiles and the words
Spoken only to her.

A sin of God
One can only imagine
What one so deviant
Thinks of himself
What a silly notion
It might have remorse
Maybe a conscience underneath all the dirt
One would have to dig deep
Because no one has been there before
Some even wonder if it's there at all.
Rosie Wisniewski Oct 2013
At times I feel so tiny
My 260 lbs, 5'11 frame feels so small
That I could fit into your pocket
Or possibly just the palm of your hand
For you to carry me around and hold me safe.

At times I feel so small and feeble
That with my next step I will trip and stumble
Under the weight of the air around me
Claustrophobic but, wanting nothing more
Than to be wrapped tightly in a blanket
With a comforting arm around me
To make me warm again
And maybe make me feel something other than the air around me.

Tiny like a fawn pitted against an 18 wheeler truck
Just standing there, wide-eyed, knowing what will happen
But, paralyzed with fear
Because that fawn has never seen anything so menacing
With bright white eyes piercing the dark and cold metal waiting to hit
But, still, too scared to make a move.

At times I feel so tiny
But, I'm so big.
Rosie Wisniewski Oct 2013
The only thing holding us together
Is each other.

The hope that you'll be there when the day ends
To hold and to kiss until the world ends.

The hope that after the dreary school day
After the miserable work night
That we'll be there together at the end.

The world always seems better when  you aren't alone
Because then it isn't just you holding you together
The burden is split
And though, sometimes it may not seem like a lot
It really is the world
And it really is everything.

The only thing holding us together is each other.
Rosie Wisniewski Oct 2013
Broken ambition
Lost in admiration
Of a life that seems so appealing
But, in the end is only demeaning
Because your worth is not based of a boy
But, to you, of course it is
Because with the people in your life
Who have done nothing but criticize and fight
And treat you like ****
And leave you regretting it
It's just so sad with so much potential
But, it's all the wrong things that are influential
On your life and your actions
People have done you wrong
And it makes you succumb
To all the easy roads in life
Becoming a broken wife
To some pill-pusher with no job
Who beats on you day in and day out
But, you'll say he loves you
Because he ***** you
You think he does
But he DOESN'T
That I wish I could make you see
No boy and no man can ever be
Your source for happiness in this life
Because in the end it is only you
Only you in the world
You against the world
You laughing with the world
You crying with the world
And if you can't be happy with the world
There is no can't
There is only won't
And no one can force you to see
The woman that you're meant to be
But, I can tell you it isn't this
Picking the piece just because it kind of fits
Please be careful
I don't want to get that call or see that post
I don't want to see you on the 11 o'clock news
I don't want to have to visit your grave
And I don't want to have to visit your prison cell
All because you can't see what you're worth
And what potential you have in the world
So I pray that tomorrow you wake up
And you see that worth.
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