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rosered Aug 2011
I wait for you
Like I wait for the rain on those days when my body is dry and brittle
It never comes, except for those times when it storms
I run to you
You are my shelter and then you wash me away
I become a drop in the water
A part of your storm
rosered Jul 2011
I keep coming
Just come back
I can’t stand it
I hate it
I cant stand on my own
I just fall to your feet

You simply look at me
One look and I'm done
I hate my weakness
Every ounce of resolve
Every bit of strength I had saved up
Is stolen away as soon as we lock eyes

And you smile
That smile I hate
I hate the way it’s so cocky
And crooked
And beautiful

But what I hate the most is that when I look at you
You don't feel a thing
rosered Jul 2011
Another day another way
Just to discover
The point of no return
Another day another dollar
A new way to find out
You can’t go on any farther
An addiction to feed
Life’s spiraled into this need
But you’re more than the label than everyone sees
Why can’t anyone see past your faults and your fears
To the person you are and the reasons you’re here?
Who can you turn to when everything’s wrong?

Another day another way to fall
Just when you thought
You’d hit the bottom
Another day another dollar short
Too many mouths to fill
And not enough answers
When the emptiness threatens
To swallow your life
And the freezing nights echo the cold inside
The temporary answers don’t satisfy anymore
Who can you turn to when everything’s wrong?
rosered Jul 2011
Loving takes so much courage
And no matter how hard I try
I can’t open your eyes to see
Or show you the reasons why
Opening your heart til it hurts
Wondering if the pain has any worth
I don’t know if I’m brave enough
To be your love
rosered Jul 2011
We’re so good
So good at repetition
Make the same mistake twice
Broken glass still mirrors ice
Wrong still feels right
It was never easier to fight
So darkness hides all night
And good never shows its ugly face
And with every rattling chain
Weighed by rattling pain
We’re caught up in yesterday’s familiar embrace
The past reestablishes its place
We’re so good
So good at repetition

— The End —