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rodney webbe Feb 2015
You roar like a lion i roar like a gorilla . I touch like a feather and you sting like a jelly fish while you rise like a Phoenix ill be the dragon sleeping  till the time you need me then ill wreak havoc. your a blessing wrapped in a curse. And I'm a curse gifted with blessing. Two opposites. That burn like the passion of two suns. Ignited onto the same path. Is it passion  or is it love. only time will tell....Tick.... tok.
rodney webbe Oct 2014
Splendid bliss is accompanied  by anguish
the light is always trailed by darkness
love is always followed hate
but what if love was just love
what if light was just light and bliss was just bliss
would we stop moving if moving was just moving?
would we move if stopping was just stopping?
  the balance is there to keep us going
what if its not the bad things but the good things that should most frighten us and cause so much pain
Having blast out side nothings going to ruin this day.
a car screeches then everything goes quiet
A walk with the one you  love on a cliff side wind blowing whistling in the star filled sky
The sound of earth crumbling and a sorrowful scream breaks the stillness of the night
what if goals were just goals would we achieve anything
what if dreams were  just dreams would we have a future
What if nightmares were not night mares but warning
What if
rodney webbe Oct 2014
Life is a blur but death is a perfect picture the world spins to fast dizziness sets in but the drama stands still frozen in time love comes and goes but hatred sticks with you for almost a  life time the bad is always remembered but it takes true strength to forgive and move onto the future.

# dedicatedtoyou
rodney webbe Oct 2014
Walking through the hall ways through  the park through the streets no one says anything.. nothing.. look around and ask can't i be happy?

everyone else is happy free from shackles that bind there heart  but the shackles on mine forever tightening squeezing like a nuse  around the neck of the Lonely falling into this world after pleading for help but left alone to the point of not having anyone to turn to. Broken  standing on the pedestal looking around screaming out to the world can't i be happy.

The golden pestastal they stand on they feel like the spot lights on them  for once everyone looking at them they feel like the false idols that we so sheepishly adore the ones that cause us to be unfaithful to the ones that we love and most care about the idols that scream about killing men and women our fellow brothers and sisters with the movement of a finger...

one finger....

it can causes so much pain just like one step. One step off of that golden pedestal that causes the world around to crumble into nothingness  The same pain that's felt from the slip of of a finger caused with one step...

One step..

Now imagine if we were to take that one inch that one step backwards to take the time to look at our fellow brothers and sisters to ask are you ok? Can I help you? Do you need  to talk... to care for someone else as much as you care for yourself to look at someone and say I'm going to make there day today.

But it's to hard to do that. All anyone needs to do is decide. How they'll take there next step.


— The End —