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Flush me into the wind
Like a sand painting.
Perfection, beauty, my own finger,
Disintegrates when I touch ash.
Floating we go together
Over the tops of paper
It can’t tell what we have lost.
Together we have died.
Together we die again,
Over and over…
Rkeevoer 3/10/20
May your promise to each other
Be easy as breath.
Letting love be waters exhale
White lace flows in
Natural states.
Infinite possibilities met with ease.
Open and letting go,
Open and letting go…
Shadows shimmer and disappear.
May it be the clarity of
Sweet grass and sage purifying
Pathways gentle and gentler still,
She has found you with
The ease of mind that
Develops with each other’s
Diligence to love, trust
Heart lights burn
Far reaching as stars
Whispers of crystal clarity as
Downey feather hush,
Dews first touch of sun.
Tranquility and rest that your
Concern be selfless, generous
That you may abide in each other’s peace
Abide in loving her.
Last summer
Or was it the one before last?
I was sleeping
Pecos New Mexico
Dreaming the 3 times
Awakened sat up and
Beside me exactly a skunk
Depending on my actions
Was ready…
Still and did not antagonize
The **** in air who wins
Every time stalled,
Adrenalin is indecisive
I was lying awake hours.
Later when a doe ran through,
Somehow sleep finds
Its own dream.

Throughout my intervention
Universes woke up in me.
Every single night
Rose morning suns,
Hazed sangre de Maria
Buddhas, God & agave evaporating
As pure sky, my heart opens.

I can’t subscribe to the drama
That inspires secrecy
Transparent my heart lies
Freely beating, still knowing
Crystalized moments can’t wait
For the sweet intoxicated breath
Of a lover.
I will lay down myself
As a path to ecstasy.

Like Shiva, passion is a luscious
Mysterious bomb.
Fragmented shards sparkle down
On my dried pomegranate
Stained lips & this god made me
Eat my own destruction.
Purification, desolation
My Intervention.
May it be a service
To everyone.

-Robyn Keefover 4/11/18
Buddha brain washed me
I know.
This I can’t find myself
How many nights and
Dreams I keep waking from
Oh yeah a dream!
How many lifetimes
Looking back do I let go?
How many broken things
Do I experience
Until I know
Impenetrable force at
My heart always
How is a no thing,  
Copulating with time?
My children I am taking all
Of it with me!
All of you with me,
As a star gone super nova
Takes her children first in fire
Then air soft gravitates
Souls back
Into the next dimension.

-Robyn Keefover ©
“The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” -Rumi
Another storm is coming
And the past still
Remains around your feet
Piling until it melts…
I cant wait to see you
Warm, dry and stormless.
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