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Robert Peck Sep 2015
1 the chemical essential to the covalent bond, that is amorous,
2 the non-verbal communication that’s equivalent to conversing for hours,
3 Vibrations
4 The aromatics of bed sheets and perspiration
5 The forte of a night club and the pianissimo of a night spent star gazing
6 Libations
Robert Peck Sep 2015
Everyone thinks they know the story about Mr. Dumpty but they only know part of it
Humpty sat on wall Badu had it right when she said it is 10 ft tall
This wall was meant to keep the savages out
You see Humpty was standing on guard because his job was to protect her heart at all cost
With her help is how he got up there at all
In the back of his mind he knew there was a chance he might …splat
Pieces of a man everywhere
At least that all the others can see
His boys tried to get him back to the old **** and quickly dump this girl
But to Humpty she was the world and without her there was no planet to live on
Only meaningless lives floating in a vacuum
No one has ever witnessed Humpty in such a state
It was so bad he wouldn’t go anywhere apart from her estate
He fell in walls  now he’s trapped in her love
Robert Peck Sep 2015
I told the universe that you would be mine
Before I even met you
You walked by and I told ACE that shorty is fine !
I knew you from around the way but I just knew something about you was special
You saw me read some poems
I watched you be a poem
We had no idea what Mother Earth had in heart for us
You always saw me as that low key brotha around campus
I caught you turning up to your tunes behind that mail desk
A bond that was meant to be
Which almost wasn’t until you said to me “YOU TALK?!”
Robert Peck Sep 2015
Mr. Peck
I pray you haven’t forgotten to be that role model that you never had growing up. SPREAD LOVE each and every day, especially on the days you don’t want to. Don’t ever stop learning, and make it intentional. Never stop teaching those with an ear to listen. Understand that everything isn’t meant for you to understand. The universe is listening so be careful what you release. Your words hold weight , don’t drop gems on those who aren’t conditioned for it. Stay low key and stay in tune with the infinite. Inshallah you’re better than your 24 year old self

Sincerely You
Robert Peck Feb 2015
If I were an artist
I’d draw my way to heaven
Or rather paint myself into your presence
after all they are one and the same
I would craft a sculpture of you
And as much as I'd want the world to see
I’m would to keep it in my heart just for me
water colors to express the gentleness in your eyes
pastels to bring out the fullness of your lips
charcoal to show the depth of your dimples when you smile
If I were an artist I would try to recreate you everyday knowing what the final products will never do you justice
your smile is so illustrious it has gold accents on it
the copper tone of your skin is the perfect hue
If I were an artist I would create these things to resemble you but I’m not so I paint this picture instead
Robert Peck Feb 2015
I have seen God
in the cool of the day she takes deiform time and again
the second coming of Nefertiti is upon us
and she has done nothing less than conquer my mind and overthrow the control center inside of my head
she is reconstructing the constellations that I have grown used to
I find myself believing in things I’ve never seen before
The wonders of the world ponder about her 7 times a day
My eyes are soothed by such a golden aura
Her positive vibes draw me closer
Her transparency has me made a believer
I long to study this queen I've searched through scrolls, decoded encryptions but still only one thing is clear
I have seen God
and I have given serious thought to changing religion
Robert Peck Apr 2014
I woke up with a nose bleed
I dreamt of you
A flashback to that summer night we broke into that abandoned warehouse.
A painting of paradise is what I left on the walls so that all who enter this place can see what making love to you feels like
Coincidentally the train that I'm on wanders by said location but instead of that old building it was just flat land
Does this mean your soul is any less gorgeous
Was everything that we've done together a waste
All that we built in vain
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