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Robert Gretczko Oct 2019
yesterday is the workshop of your tomorrow
   craft well, be careful... avoid pitfalls and sorrow
if you can... and you believe it's writ and all done
   or think, you can change, rearrange how it's begun

step around distractions and divets that come your way
   with practice and living, you'll not go astray
but, as you put more past in your backpack
   weighed down, closer to earth you'll fashion a deeper track

steady ahead your journey will pass filled with life
    it's coming your way with joys and strife
be bold in your words, manner, and thought
    take heed to contrasts... and embrace support

it comes inexplicitly when your eyes will not hear your heart
    fiercely defend your place... do not fall apart
as your dreams and days sync to your, presence and time
   seize the smart sense of it all... stay unafraid and sublime
Robert Gretczko Nov 2017
there was a knot in this otherwise lovely piece of pine
and sometimes a squeal of a wheel when making a turn
odd little things that seem out of place...

or are they

like a sudden bang... at an unsuspecting moment
when a thing came apart from where it should stay
an errant word in a masterful speech

maybe it's really where the magic is

all things fixed and fashioned by us humans
are meant to perform intact for long
but nature too has bumps a plenty

so when a little thing goes awry

we could think more about the fullness of the world
those little clinks and clanks and fizzles and falls
could be the things set there, to make you stop and think

how nice when things remain where they should be

great to find an un-knotty piece of pine
stop and repair that squeak or squeal
or make more secure the things we hold dear
reread the tome your going to give
or more properly tighten up what we have too
reminders of our ever needing to set right all we see

maybe it's our sharpening stone where we can hone
our on-going quest to put things straight, find the perfect
thing that fits our fashion, and say what we mean
make loud quiet and small bold and sad happy
and old young, and young a bit older, and hate, more love
and words more telling of what we wish to tell.

what do you think?
Robert Gretczko Jun 2017
in wholeness or any part thereof
play fervently in gossip and love
recant insist and break your word
you may have to when doubt is incurred
step aside now let others pass
but walk fast not to sink in the morass
evoke your best in manners and grace
speak brightly and smart, then take your place

upright and virtuous is the way to go
and your grace and learning will surely flow
people take all you plainly give to dispense
even when you know deeply you make no sense
for you pick and pack your daily norm
like petals blown free in a summer storm
and that's all you really need to do
for friends and family find love in you
Robert Gretczko Mar 2017
my how the time flies
filled with joy and inevitable surprise
little somethings
and huge dings

things you meant to do
the mirror nudging... aging you
your words more tempered and deep
more time spent away from sleep

friends thinning out
more time to roust about
deep thinking at times of rest
many more things filled with zest

looking and seeing more synergized
more incoming met with less surprise
and sure of more
staying open, when you shut the door
Robert Gretczko Jan 2017
I will say it again as plain as can be
what you think you know you can not see
like a ship westward not in the lee
drifting along aloof and carefree
it's not that you don't really know me
or the things I search in reverie
more too it and stringent probably
You think the answer is in the "we"
But, it is not at all entirely
My needs are plain... and put simply
For you to do for us explicitly
Is gently to recognize our incompatibility
Robert Gretczko Jan 2017
her name is Tahlie
   she's a wonderful girl
her name is Tahlie
    she's like a deep sea pearl
her name is Tahlie
    she's oh so sweet
her name is Tahlie
    she can't be beat
her name Tahlie
    she smiles like the sun
her name is Tahlie
    she's ready for fun
her name is Tahlie
     she's her brother's joy
her name is Tahlie
     she's not even a boy
her name is Tahlie
     she's smart as can be
her name is Tahlie
     she's deep as the sea
her name is Tahlie
    she reads so well
her name is Tahlie
   she's a clear as bell
her name is Tahlie
   she's loved so much
her name is Tahlie
   she's got a golden touch!
Robert Gretczko Jan 2017
languished dreams forecast great things
otherwise, just take your chances
on the clock
it will meter out your to do....
and done
with each tick, you've got
another chance for
gain, loss, greatness... triumphs or
sleepy do nothings
just know it is you
that turns the temperature up
or down
joy or sadness is birthed in the gray
then flitters away
****... in less than a heart beat
so be kind to yourself
others too... sometimes that's a trial
but you are the jury
and judge... and jailer
penance or gleaming, exhilaration
you pick it from
the vegetable mart of your soul
make sure they are firm... of good color
robust in flavor...
and all mixed up... then feast away...
for life is so grand.
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