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Robert Boxall Jun 2016
Tell me it was lie
Tell me it wasn't real
That you never loved me
Tell me you hate me
Tell me I ruined your life
That you'd be better if you never knew me

If my heart is going to break anyway
Do me a favour a crush it into dust
Make me never feel again
I don't want to miss you anymore
Robert Boxall May 2016
Fly away now, fly away now, fly away.
I know you know... those wings inside of you
Someday these wings will perish in your sight
Fly away together, far away forever
Hell is where you belong
Heaven can not wait for you
So take me to heaven or hell, I don't care where
You will be my angel I will be your spirit
I will take your soul if you take my heart
You make me feel, so sweet and pure

I <3 you
Les get this thing started
You’ll never find a better time
So watch it now as it unfolds
I want you to make believe it's the first time
I'll go to the park, wait for you to come
I see you before me, you see me before you
Never thought that I'd fall in love with you

Night and day, I'm missing you
I counted the glittering stars in the night sky
All your stars guiding me through and through
Will you be my light
Will you be my strength
Promise you won't let me go...
I gotta be, I gotta be, in your arms, hear me
I gotta be, I gotta be, in your arms, baby
I need you, I want you
Don't leave me baby
Night and day, I call for you
And in the darkness stars can shine
If I remember there is an answer
In the sparkling, starry sky

And it's you that I believe in
Tell me you will never leave me forever...and ever
Why does loneliness feel like forever...and ever
You're so close, so close
And it's you that I believe in, I believe in
So close, but far away I seek for your light
I'll hold on
You're so close, so close
I want to send these feelings to you
So nearly yours so nearly mine
You're so close, so close
So close, but far away so far I can't touch
I'll hold on
And any memory will stay

Ah, my fears multiplied
It feels like the feeling's gone
There ain't no magic in your eyes
And I gotta say to you
Sometimes I wonder when the end will come
I can't go on it has to end
My fractured heart just cannot mend
Fly away now

Somewhere we left behind that day will be resurrected
Cuz it's you I love so dearly
When the rain, the storm, and all is done
Caress me with your sweet lullaby...
When the wind, the fire, and all is calm
Caress me with your sweet lullaby...
For the first time we'll take in our hands the continuation that is only ours

Cuz for you my heart keeps beating
I'll never betray
And in the end of time
Still my love's gonna be there...
Even if I lose my power
I'll get right back up
'Cause that's the power of love
It's my chance to be
A champion
Love will find a way and that's always true

Before I go... there's something I want to say
Doesn't matter what, what they say to us
Make a stand, you’ll be fine
So close your eyes & make a wish
Your sleepy anarchy... Wake it up! Wake it up!
Come dance with me before you go
Found poetry from the music in the anime "***** and Stocking with Garterbelt"
Robert Boxall May 2016
All the ways you hurt yourself
Physically and Emotionally
They leave these blemishes
Brilliant, impossible not to see
To people who just look

You don't need to do this
To punish yourself
Unable to forgive yourself
I want you to be forgiven

Together under new stars
With unfading dreams
Running towards a future
Nothing to hide or escape from

You are cold, exposed to the world
But you don't need to be alone
I will keep you warm, sheltering each other
Together we can nourish each other and grow
Robert Boxall Mar 2016
I know I am nothing more than a piece of your past.
You'll probably return to him in the future.
But aren't you the one
The one who always tells me forget the past
Don't stress on the future
Live in the moment.

Well in this moment there are only two.
Let the moment be all it can be
Forget our past mistakes
Do not think of the repercussions of the future.

Let the present occur as it should
And once it starts realize
Time is as one.
Past is a bygone present
Future a present yet to be revealed
And in the present
Robert Boxall Mar 2016
Finally found happiness.
All it wants is to run
Run Away
Back to its prison
Run Away
To dash itself against the rocks
Run Away
Anywhere but here.

— The End —