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Robby Aug 2019
Times ******* moving too ******* fast lemme tell ya buddy
Robby Aug 2019
We are not from here

I am from a place called a distant somewhere
patiently awaiting when you all can join me in nowhere
I am not from here

I wish we could go back home to somewhere
or maybe now we're more content with nowhere
Robby Aug 2019
Enjoy what you do not presently understand.
Take the risk and find it in yourself to be a better man.
Forget the past even if it was your fault.
Throw yourself into love like its cupids catapult.
Wipe the tears off your face and remember that there will be better days.
               Find a way.
Robby Aug 2019
The words used to slip out of me with ease, but now it seems I struggle to find quite exactly what to say.
As the sounds transcend me into feeling what I once thought was lost I find you waiting for me in the astral realm. Stay right there here I come again.
Robby Jun 2019
It was as if the words I’ve ever longed to tell you are from foreign tongues. It is as if our love never did sprout and was never enough. It is as bellowing as anything I’ve ever known to feel the feeling of being alone. It is without further compression, I let you go. My grip on you is iron clad, but it seems you found another lad. At times my mind and heart may wonder but I never envisioned you having someone else of whom you consider quite fonder. My disdain isn’t in what we lost, it was the true cost of stretching the words unspoken ultimately to be here broken. My love for you is still entirely intact alas I am not. Seconds turn to minutes then to hours as even they to pass to days and before I knew it it had been 2 full years without you.
Robby Jul 2014
Layin in the rain
Forgettin bout the time
Layin in the rain
I really don't mind
Robby May 2014
Dream deeper than pockets.
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