Robb Dec 2013
If I were a sound
I would be the sound
of wind
forgotten amidst
the cacophony of life
but ever present
whipping through the trees
surrounding you
in the distant sound
of far away places

If I were an animal
I would be a mouse
so as not to be found
but living with you
in the wall
the floor
anywhere you won't look
I don't wish to be seen
so I scurry
living off the scraps
of my housemate

If I were a number
I would be the number
two thin lines
that are ignored when factoring
lost in the scramble
to scribble down notes
two lines that are
but the same
and sometimes distant

If I were a person
I would be the person
in the back
head down
hair in my eyes
so no one sees
the truth that lies
in them
That I am
the wind
I am
a mouse
the number eleven
that I would be
in the back

But I'm not
because you put a hand up
to block the wind
bought a cat
to **** the mouse
were dividing by two
so didn't need eleven
and looked back
in class
and sneered
at the person there
Robb Oct 2013
I keep waiting for something to happen
but it doesn't.
Robb Oct 2013
I love you more than
every star in the sky.
I know I just did a 10w love poem but they're just fun to do.
Robb Sep 2013
I can still hear the way you say my name.
Robb Sep 2013
I sit
Unable to move
Like a tree
Rooted in place
By legs
Not willing to move
And a mind
Not willing to make them
Robb Sep 2013
where my world had ended
ten years have passed
but the sights
feel hasn’t bended.
I still can picture
like a photograph of the past
the tree that marked
the step that was my last
before the world disappeared
into the land of unknown
at the age of seven
in the woods
all alone

My mind froze
like the ground in October
as I gazed out past my tree
my line
the Pacific to a kid who was trembling all over.
I turned from the place that had been told to me
as being the limit
of where I was allowed to be.
The queen
the leader
the one I call Mom
the one who I’d been trained
to think had known all
that “I shall not pass”
but she was the Balrog
and I was Legolas.
But still,
I was scared
trained to trust in the words
but oh
how my heart ached and how it yearned
to be set free
from these boundaries on Earth.
In the mind of a child
was away
so I began to climb
And I'll climb to this day.
From the branches I’d gaze
out across the fields
and the trees and the blades
Weren't  green
they were black
as if cast in a shadow
about to attack.
I screamed, inside
outside I fell,
from the branches
of my mind
no rope
not a repel.
Fast was the descent
for I caught myself
on the truth of the words I had heard from
no one else.
They were mine,
not the queen’s
not the leader’s
not my mom’s
and the fact that they weren’t
made them seem twice as strong.
No field could haunt me,
No field could do harm
so as I envisioned prior
I began my journeyed on.
Past the tree,
past the line,
past the Pacific of my mind
and into the darkness
that was only black through the blinds.
For all I had to do was draw them back
and then i could see,
that past my line,
my Pacific,
there was nothing but more trees.

So now,
I journey back to the place
at the edge of my ocean
that is an ocean I now crave.
The point past the tree,
past the line I had drawn
and into the green,
and the light
and the thoughts
that now come to mind
not of fear or
of doubt
but of joy
and of fun
and I can’t live without
the knowledge that the tree
that has meant so much to me
instead of a line
an ocean,
My sea.
Robb Sep 2013
Doors close, slide the bolt
turn around and drop your shorts
Finally, you have some peace and quiet
to sit and think and take some time
there is always something you can do
either think or play or leave some stool
You see some writing on the wall
Like, "She's so hot" or "**** it all"
so take a pen and add your own
if there's something I like
I'll sign it Sloan.
So you know that I was here or that I agree
It's like free writing, no monitoring.
Or perhaps you hear another voice
and find discomfort in your choice
to select here, and not another
while you take some time to sit and wonder
Or **** some time
Or perhaps to cry
Hope this guy's not the constipator
Cause this stall right here
It is my lair
My attempt at poetic humor
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