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Rob Kingston Nov 2015
across the bay
a glint of orange reflects
many passing thoughts
Rob Kingston Nov 2015
A rat!,  Is that a rat i see
or was it a cat, a fat cat sat atop a christmas tree.
Each year they tell us,
it seems they tell us earlier each year .
About the goose thats getting fat,
the pig thats ready for basting,
the time thats almost upon us,
when the old and infirm die in their freezing cold flats.

it's nearly here the media sounds, promoting, prompting people into debt.

The shops scream out,  its time for letters,
send them quick, so as to catch old santa's sack.  
treating the parents with contempt,
knowing full well that they are the cause, for their children's flack

No longer the holy belief,
no longer a workers relief,
they just keep banging away,
creating more and more grief.
Telling people they need more to store, be it in the loft, the garage or the cellar down beneath.

Pray they used to say,
pray for peace and harmony,
bring the world together,
lets stop this greed and misery,
stop the greed and misery,
buy buy buy, buy up all you can,
so those fat pig corporations can get fatter and buy up all the land.

(c) Robert Kingston 29.11.15
Rob Kingston Nov 2015
eternal love.....
no matter what  happens
together you'll conquer all!
Rob Kingston Nov 2015
My love,
I'll wait for you,
reflecting ,
on what's been.
Rob Kingston Nov 2015
I knew of a man named martin
he was known for his whinging and smarting
so I took him to lunch
bought him lamb to munch
now laugh at those who witness him farting
Rob Kingston Nov 2015
in my heart I sense a mission,
for its calling out for you.
each day, each night, when ever you are near,
it demands that I be next to you.

each day that rises,
each day that falls,
each moment of every day,
it pulsates and gently tells me to love you in a very .special way
Rob Kingston Nov 2015
My mind has drifted to Mali
for I hear of the terror that's been
numbskulled and brainwashed
the cold blooded murderers have deemed.
no care for humanity, no care for people at all.
just bigoted thinking, of how they can rule the world.
emotions are flaring
anxieties becoming fraught
we hope one day a wise man
will change their minds distort.
no birth would produce such being
no intelligent being could preach of a new beginning
for if we are all to share this world
then love has got to enforce its meaning.
some people will say,
what has love got to do with it
and I will simply respond
everything, for the tough love in a child's years will encourage and convince them that the evil way is delinquent.

(c) Robert Kingston 20.11.15
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