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rk May 2013
march fourth, twenty twelve
2:39 pm
you: i want you
me:  i'm yours

april eighth, twenty twelve
6:38 am
you: hey
me: you are awake
        but not answering your phone
        are you ok? how was your party?
rk May 2013
it's all happening for you
             just look how far you have come
these are the best years of your life

                                                                                                                                                   why am I so alone
rk May 2013
I thought about us
just like that
my night was ruined

does that ever happen to you?
rk Apr 2013
all I can think is how much you will suffer
when he breaks your heart

but maybe he won't
maybe you are one of the lucky ones.
rk Apr 2013
there's a weight
on my chest

I can feel your foot
like a stone

lift it off
or press harder
rk Mar 2013
things to make me more beautiful
lose 10 pounds
rk Jan 2013
you came back for me
which is all I ever wanted.

but you were disappointed to find instead of my smile
a troubled face
instead of my eyes (which you loved)

and then you realized what they really meant when they said
"she's gone".
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