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Remi Holiday Aug 2014
Knowledge and understanding
Are two very different things.
I understand that I love you,
I know you say that you love me.

But you say it with your words,
While I say it with my deeds;
When I see the things you do
It grows seeds of disbelief

They are planted deed inside me
Deep inside my soul,
And while I won't admit it today;
Someday, I will let you go

I know you are not right for me,
I just don't understand why
Eventually I'll learn to leave you,
And for the first time, I'll fly.
Remi Holiday Aug 2014
Is love worth the pain?
Is pain worth the lesson?
When they told you how your life would be
Did they bother to mention:

That this life is full of hurt
Oh, but this life is full of joy too
And when you choose where you want to go
Do you choose who will be hurting you?

Is love worth the pain?
That is for you to decide,
But without love in your life
Apathy will remain by your side.

For me, love is worth the pain
And painful it will be
But if pain is the price for all this love
Then pain and love will set me free
This was partially inspired by the quote, "You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world, old man, but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices." -John Green, The Fault in Our Stars
Also, just the fact that sometimes we get caught up in taking the easy road and not caring about things because caring is what gives people and things the potential to hurt us, but when we let people in and hold our arms open for the good and the bad, although we may experience the worse types of pain, we will also experience the best types of joy.
Remi Holiday Aug 2014
One thought he could do it,
So do it One did.
Two thought it improbable,
So Two stayed in bed.

Three thought it might be possible,
So Three tried and Three failed.
Three tried again,
And then Three prevailed.

— The End —