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Resilient Child Aug 2011
I love the sky in Spring, with all its beautiful hews.  
Deep pink and misty whites, and a plethora of blues.

I love the waters in Summer, the cool upon my face.
To sit and watch the water, like a dancer full of grace.

I love the trees in Autumn, and how they start to change.
Each leaf a color of its own., not one exactly the same.

I love the coldness of Winter, how you can see your breath.
But oh how quickly Spring will come again, upon Winter’s death.
Resilient Child Aug 2011
I'm going to write a poem off the top of my head.
Not sure what I should write, or what should be said.
I sit at this computer, with thoughts flooding through my mind.
Hoping that if I write them out, my fear I'll leave behind.

You see...

I am afraid of everything, but I seem to hide it well.
For most who seem to know me, would not be able to tell.
I tuck my fear inside myself, and go about my day.
If you were to ask how I am, I'd smile and say "okay".

But maybe that's what I'm to do, is keep it all inside.
Take my secrets and bury them, and go away and hide.
For now my shell is all I have, the safest thing I own.
What is a person left to do, when it's their only home?

So if you ever look my way, and see sadness in my eyes;
Keep on going and don't look back, I'll be in my disguise.
For if I see that you noticed, then I will turn away;
And if you were to look again, I'd be smiling and okay.
Resilient Child Aug 2011
In the light I stand in darkness
In the darkness stands no light
There you'll find me in my shadow
Ambivalent of wrong and right
Deep within me lies a crystal
It shows its sparkle within my eyes
But in my heart there lies the darkness
Forever on going and never dies
The darkness overtakes me
And turns me cold as ice
I hold onto the tiny crystal
It is my soul's one device
For when I think I have no feelings
No love, no hate, no fear
The crystal turns to liquid
And forms a single tear

— The End —