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Relenymous Aug 2013
I'm in absolute PAIN.
I'm losing faith fast
this world is my BANE.
I don't think I'll ever know hope.
I don't think I can make this rope
                                                        ­ l
                                                           ­ t.

I think I'm about to make this train WRECK.
The first stone is cast
And I'm hanging this noose around my NECK.
Just to see how it feels.
Just to know what its like when that coffin seals
o n l y   t  o  
                                                           l   e   a   r   n              i    t'    s    

f     a     r                  t      o      o                                   

­ V        A        S        T.

Please tell me if I can't RUN.
how can I create a blast
that will burn out the SUN.
Because if I have to die
Id like to freeze as I say goodbye
                                                          ­      My life has

I hope I get left in the OCEAN.
I hope I hang from the mast.
I hope I drink a POTION.
That restores my love
because when push comes to shove

Out               |||| I don't want to die an.||||                  **Cast.
Format is a little messed up, but it will do :)
Relenymous Aug 2013
Look* at myself, running in circles.

I make myself sick so i can feel better.

the Coffee i pour down my throat
the Caffeine that runs in my veins.

the Skittle i gnash between my teeth
the Sugar that makes up my brain.

The Pretzel i crunch down upon
the Salt that weighs me down.

The Sleep i force myself  from
the Conscious i like to lack.

the Craving i manage to endure
the Incarceration of my mind.  

Look at myself, running in circles.
Relenymous Aug 2013
They seep out of my mouth
Like spiders crawling
Weaving webs across the room.
Then they reach you.

They infiltrate your ear
You cringe as I enter your soul
A venomous rampage.
Then they eat you.

You drown in fear
They are your only escape
I am your only fate.
Then they take you.

Half consumed, half demoralized
These scars will never heal
I will always be the cure.
Then they imprison you.

Like spiders,
Relenymous May 2013
I want to run.

But not quite tomorrow,

I'd like to stay

In my pajamas,

Just a little while longer.

You've broken me open,

You've seen what's inside.

How does it fit,

What's within your head.

What you've left behind,

Filled with candy instead.

Broken that too I presume.
Relenymous May 2013
If I were to look at you, could you even look back?
It's already hard enough to think of you
But to gaze upon coffee stained eyes,
Skin matted in dirt, and dust.
No, memories.

And to be honest,
It's disgusting how I
Imagine you.
Beneath me, stricken down.

It's in part due to the fear instilled, I think.
I am new, and so are you,
So am I predator, or am I prey?
Am I hate, or am I aid?
Hell, Why do I even look the way I do?

Stand up now.
But not by command,
Show me your strength
Scream your superiority.
But I'll just claim it barbaric, anyway.

But what's the point?
This encounter is just imagery.
I'll never stand in your presence.
While I sit comfortably at this desk
Writing about you.
**You starve to death.
Other's turmoil is so foreign to us that we tend to forget it. Remember what you have, and others may be lacking.
Relenymous May 2013
I fiddle with these words
They lie naked on my tongue.
But like a broken man
They just can't seem to run.

I've learned not to force this.
To push this past my lips,
A tragedy worse than my travesties.
I'm still a little faint of heart.

When rain falls it does not smear.
It sticks, and then it drips.
Well these 3 syllables are certainly glued,
But we both still feel a little bruised.

When my lips do decide to spill
These raindrops it has coaxed inside,
Will you know that they fall gracefully, honestly?
They were meant to be taken gently.

A cool breeze should encourage them.
Will they wet your worn skin
Soak into you like a refreshing swim
Will they moisten your heart and not just your limbs?

Or where I see a downpour do you see a spark.
Awaiting a new host, softly lighting the dark.
Growing ever closer to your extended fuse.
When you ignite, will I be consumed?

Does it help, when I state your name.
When I beckon, do I carry you close to sanity?
Or do I hurl you farther,
Over the edge of calamity.

Tell me, When you fall
Will it be like raindrops, or a cliff.
At least, tell me, when you fall
Could you find it in your drenched heart,
Or scorched lungs,
To let me join you?
Relenymous May 2013
I fell asleep.
To this current dragging me away,
But that's okay.
We were never meant to be, anyway.

You were nothing, corruption.
We could never work in conjunction.
And without you I can finally function.

It's a little silly how much weight you bare.
Its a shame how little pain,
I feel, When I think of rain.
But don't worry, you've created a tear.

You have shattered the barrier, broken.
But I am not the one behind.
I have left unspoken.
She is wounded, weeping.

Tainting me, dissolving us, Poison.
The best word to describe you is, Poison.
Because you're the reason for this corrosion.
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