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Unleash another night to drink and drive
I’ll forget my sorrows underneath the starlit sky
This is how I get around
From sunrise to sundown

In this liquid life
I rub my tightening eyes
They’re red from resentment
And black because I’m battled
My pride is frazzled and rattled
This is how I get around
In my secondhand town

Another night I drink and drive
Fear rides shotgun
It’s always by my side
A consistent copilot
This is how I get around
My liquified life
It isn’t much of a sight
If I fall from grace
I will hide my face
From everyone who said the devil’s in my head
Did they really care
Or just play a part
Which was never their’s
From the very start?

If I lose my faith
I’ll seek a softer way
Their tradition’s strong
I cannot tarry long
The standard’s far too high
My head hangs so low
With every aching breath
The confusions grows

Still I carry on
Carry on
Through all of this
I Carry on
Carry on

In the darkest days
When I fall apart
The confusion frays
The fibers of my heart

Still I’m holding on
Holding on
Through all of this
I am holding on
Holding on

And it’s not by might nor sight
But something deep inside
Everytime I want to hide
Grace redirects my mind

So I carry on
Carry on
Through all of this
I carry on
Carry on
Something immensely personal
Now I come to the end of myself
And my skins crawls off the walls
Off the walls

I bend and I break
As I give and I take
For a softer way
For a yesterday

But it never comes
And if ever does
Will I be ready?
Will I be there?
Because right now I’m nowhere
But I’m everywhere
And I float high in the thin air
Right here
Right there
The “C” in Campbell
Left my proud resolve in shambles
As I made my rounds
I took a deadly gamble
With my witless hands
I spent my plans
On sleepless nights clouded with suicide

One step from the edge
The overpass fence
Became my best defense and my closest friend
I walked aimless
Anxious under bruising skies

The “C” in Campbell
An edgeless dead-end town
I sought my self-destruction
But no self was found
Only the burnt out and bored there
Spun out on cold stares
Hung out to air dry
By the slow creek with graffiti eyes
Broken hearts
Muted lies
We rummaged through stolen goods
Sneaking an alibi

The “C” in Campbell
We thought we were so much bigger
So much smarter
But we could never deliver

Not quite beautiful
Not quite scorned
We were insomniatic
Thrilled with being half-born

A buck shy of broke
I was thinning away with every rhyme that I wrote
Like a fevered poem
I was skin and bones
So alone

The “C” in Campbell
I dream of you washed in light
Freed from that which harbors you
The depravities of night

I know your streets are not so clean
I know your stars
I know your amphetamines
I know you too can be redeemed
From mediocrity and self-pitty
The underbelly of a forgotten city
Skin and bones
So alone

The “C” in Campbell
There’s no other way out
“Shoot the Dead” (rough version)

I settled for a while
To catch my frozen breath
Until I caught a strip of steel
As you aimed to shoot your dead

My eyes are growing tired
From this constant stream of red
Every time I come around the bend
You recoil from shooting your dead

With the calmest demeanor
Like a seamstress stitching thread
You never stop
The hammer drops
You go ahead and shoot your dead

All they ever wanted
Was a place to lay and rest
But true to form
You swoop and swarm
To blankly shoot your dead

You talk of brotherly affection
As you hunt for stranger flesh
Each life you take
Is a bed to break
As you stoop to shoot your dead

“What can quell such bloodlust”?
I ponder in my head
While the leaders of the free men
Quietly watch you shoot your dead

Time and time again I’ve said
“Is the only cure for genocide”
Another acolyte shoots their dead

You hide behind barbed wires
Beating on your wireless chest
You talk so tall
But your reach is small
Another critic shooting their dead

I’ve spent most of my existence
Living large on stolen bread
A face among the slaves of hate
Just a coward shooting the dead

I hope and pray
I bow to humbly beg
Rip the skies
Mend our lives
Before we shoot every last one of our dead
I see hope deferred

Homeless in the dirt

Choking on the violence

Of our every stifled word

I see hope deferred

Hiding in the back row

With no concept of worth

A life spent in the shadows

I see hope deferred

Longing for eternal release

Another **** up year

Struggling in the streets

I see hope deferred

In every motherless child

Hanging on to a bad cough

Hearts sick with denial

Can you hear hope deferred

Calling out for assistance?

Would you bridge the gap

Or stand deterred by the distance?

I know hope deferred

Thick chains around the soul

Constantly on the run

From the noise between my skull

I see hope deferred

Traded in for hope revised

Pull off your skeleton clothes

Put on the cloak of a bride

I see hope deferred

Overcome by recovery

I'm taken back by mercy

And the love which covers me

I know hope deferred

Will be gradually displaced

With the venom in our veins

Through a sure movement of grace

I see hope deferred

Finally removed from this place

The nations rest in God

Sunlight softly warming their face
Somedays it hurts
Waiting for an answer
To sooth your nerves

By a lack of words
You're slain
You're swerved
Stress fills your thoughts
As you're falling from the earth

Just one more day
Just one more step
Taken on broken glass
Furious embers and infected tacks

Your skin crawls
Trapped by thick walls
Untill you BREAK!
Wash your face and regather your strength

In faith you pray
For a steady hand
To stitch better days

Is all part of the plan
Every uncomfortable step
Serves to shape a better man

When you're blown apart
Thorns puncture your heart
There is a lesson in each prickling pain
For those who do remain

Your sorrow is not senseless
You suffering's not in vain
God turns the tumultuous seas
To bring gifts of recovery

There is an end to doubt
When God is on your side
Turning the world around
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