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Reese Starr Feb 2020
Inside I feel empty, like my heart forgot it’s way home
Inside I feel numb, like my souls forced to always roam
Away from where it should be and frankly it hurts like hell
Because I’m loved by many and needed by more and I know that **** well

Nobody seems to understand what this feels like
Imagine being happy but never being able to see the light
Every day you wish for death and everything causes pain
But who are you to change when everyone stays the same
You miss who you used to be and you miss how it all was
Before your life went down the drain and your brain was replaced by static fuzz
You’re incapable of feeling whole for more than 5minutes or so

So if you’re Able to imagine all that... answer your own question.
Would you be ok?
Reese Starr Jan 2020
This honestly isn’t a poem but more of a rant of sorts if that’s what you call it. Don’t let anyone hurt you, it stays with you and I promise that’s true. Walk a day in the shoes of others who have been hurt as I have and just notice all the things that you wouldn’t normally see. The past stays with you. And for those who decide to hurt anyone, *******. You don’t realize how badly you could destroy someone. The smallest actions cause the biggest tidal waves for others. Be aware, and learn to love and not hate.
Reese Starr Nov 2019
Am I worth it to you or am I just another girl
Are you lying to me like you lied to her
Are you using me like you used her
Maybe I’ll never know,
But the questions make me hurl...
Reese Starr Nov 2019
Months have gone
by and I miss you still
I still look to the sky
And wonder what it’ll take for me to bring you home
Reese Starr Aug 2019
I am not your kind. Rather I wasn’t then
I was cold and unfeeling and selfish
I now am a ghost of what I once was
And forever could have been
There are many like me in this world
Many who feel as I do
And who have done as I have done
Love never comes easily for us
Because we can’t let another in.
We are not your kind at all.
Reese Starr Aug 2019
When nobody sees my progress where do I go then?
When nobody sees what I go through how do they see where I’ve been
When nobody listens to my voice what do I do in that time
Because all I have left is you.
Reese Starr Aug 2019
Loudly I hear you
But yet you do not speak
Boldly I see you
Although you do not move.

Yet I love you
For what I see
And still I cherish you
For what I hear.
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