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Maddie 5d
Every day, I inch

to every character
in my life:

Mom and Dad. On the
patio of the white house that almost always
like a home.

Friends. Told quick, before I had
to take back my

Four siblings. Who made
fun of me like
normal to make me feel
just a little
lighter inside.

Every person I will meet in the future-
Extended family
God (?)

Coming out is like a caterpillar,
Inching toward something --
inching toward flying
              and inching
                                    and inching

Oh caterpillar,
hesitant little caterpillar,
up the tree,
cocooning various parts
of yourself
as you inch toward who you’ll be.
Maddie Sep 20
The moon knows how to be lonely at night
It struggles through darkness and still stays alight
I think there are lessons the moon could teach me
About midnight and starlight and consistency
The world makes most sense when its black and white

There’s wisdom tucked in the constellations alright
It’s just about trying and trusting your sight
Because the sky will light up like a Christmas tree
And the moon knows how to be lonely

So take down your notes, take in all the light
Notice the shine that remains through the night
In your own darkness, I hope you can see
Your light like the moon you always wanted to be
The stars can teach you how to shine bright
And the moon knows how to be lonely
Maddie Sep 4
Can you hear the time?
It passes by.
It never stops.
Why won’t it stop?
What if it stops?
Please don’t stop.
What time is it?
How much is left?
Once at the beginning.
Can you hear the end?

Maddie Sep 3
Is using a thesaurus cheating?

Are we supposed to have all the right words already?

Or maybe there are no right words at all.
Maddie Aug 29
There is a compass in my heart, and you are my due north. You magnetize me with your smile, and you show me my way home.
Maddie Aug 16
I want to write you a million love poems so I never forget the smile on your face when I read you the first one.
Maddie Aug 15
The world turns monochrome as it masquerades in the night.
As twilight tip-toes on the towers through town, the daylight morphs into moonlight.
Colors blend and dissipate in the sky, creating a canvas of a lingering sun.
This world looks so beautiful before it sets, like paint on a palette, smudged, but not yet destroyed.
With time, shadows slowly sneak over the colors, and they swallow the world in small bites.
If only I could stop time and freeze the world in its setting.
Imagine an infinite cotton candy sky leading to, but never arriving at the night.
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