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Redolent Quill Nov 2011
For only this dream
Just this bit you know
To hold, to never let go
To not be, without
Would you forgo
All but this dream
Alone in your eyes
For your eyes alone
This dream’s real
And real’s dreaming

Would you keep
Just this dream
If only tears
Came for thirst
If only the hunted
Came for hunger
If only pain
Knew the way
To love’s house

Have a good look
At your gather
Is there much
That the wading
Won’t wash away
The road will wind up
Before you are
Done wandering
Have a good look
At you stance
Would you still
Stand right here
If this was where
You would crumble
Would you still
Sink into those arms
If that was your
Final plunge

Have a care
Nobody gives a ****
Better, never ever ever
Wrong the one you are
If nothing or no one
Could do anything
At all about it
Would you still do
What you do
**Would you still dream
This only dream ?

— The End —