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Tarahja U Nov 2015
I'd rather be black + blue, than be torn away from you.
So the next time you see me
+ I'm covered in bruises of purple, blue + black,
just know it's cause I love you too much
to let anything happen to us.
//I'm sorry, but I'm not letting anything happen to you or us
Tarahja U Nov 2015
Find me if you love me.
I'll be waiting in the back of your busy mind.
I'll be standing in a crowd of blue and gold,
hair curled with cherry lipstick,
watching your every move anxiously
just to make sure you step off that field safely.
I'll be where we 1st kissed and where you 1st whispered
"I love you." in a crowded hallway.
I'll be waiting... I'll always be waiting.
// For you I'd wait an eternity and more just to spend it loving you.
Tarahja U Oct 2015
I'm a whirlwind; short lived, not too destructive, but exciting. And you... You're a wildfire; contagious, fast-moving and difficult to stop.
I do what I can to help you; encouraging you in your wake and empowering you.
But as soon as I need you, you try... you try so hard to help me, but instead...all you do is suffocate me.
// call me crazy, but we're always there for each other.

— The End —