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"God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve."

But what if God did? What if I showed you
the lost book in that cramped hand some call Moses',
right to left (you read Hebrew, right?), the Book of Steve?
Stefan, if you're Orthodox. Esteban
if you also worship the ****** of Guadalupe,
but never mind those dark madonnas. The Book of Steve:
it's much like the rest of the Pentateuch, you'll recognize
the style, except that it was before Genesis 1
when Steve became a living soul. A lively, friendly soul:
when those animals came questing, Steve was thrilled.
He scratched their ears as he named them, puled
their ticks, asked them what they thought they should be called.
So he was scratching and chatting, naming away,
when up came Adam (Yahweh had been practicing men).
"Hey, dude." "Hey, Adam. You think this looks
like a crocodile?" "I dunno. More like a fox?"
They had a few beers (Yahweh's work of the day),
named five kinds of ants: Steve got carpenter,
leaf-cutter, sugar; Adam took fire and soldier.
Probably they made love, probably a lot (the world
Was young then), but the Book of Steve is demure;
Moses, or someone, drew the curtain of discretion.
When the curtain comes up, the snake
Still has brief feet, but Adam is changing the names
To better ones, and Steve’s not there. It seems
There were complaints. Stave talked to much, always on
About feelings, food, the slant of the light; sometimes
he wanted to be on top; he took the remkote, and didn’t
give it back when Adam glare. And his chest wasn’t nearly
enough like a pillow. It ws all too much.
The end of the book is torn out; there are marks of fire.
No one knows who defiled the Book of Ssteve,
But in some stories it is said that *Eden
has other quadrants
And that Steve is in one of them.
Stevek and the snakes with feet, and other people
Who missed the next book: the roc preening its iridescent plumes,
The unicorn lipping apples, the manticore haveint a dustabth.
They say that somewhere among the leaves of western Eden
was found a helpmeet for Steve, who was not fruitful,
who did not multiply, who had no dominion over the earth.
What is your purpose
to **** hundreds daily
even worst, thousands
You killed them because our beliefs didn't coincided, huh!?!
Shame on YOU
because of you my family is gone!!
my little siblings are gone
There was nothing left
but just shatered pieces of my life.
You said that your mission was *"World Peace"

And of course, every single blindfolded idiot believed you.

I don't know how  long will it take for you to get rid off us.
I guess that you are an embarrassment for your God, or whoever you workship.
Remember this words:
While I'm still alive, I will hunt you down as you did to my whole family.
With my hands I'll make justice. Until then I will die knowing that my family will Rest In Peace.*
Until then
Roses are red
Violets are red
that tree looks red
my face looks red!!
Everyting looks red!!!
                                      -*Cyclops(Member of the X-Men)
Laying on my bed, tired of fight another day
I want to rest, sleep. I close my eyes
I find myself in a beautiful place
At the peak of a mountain
Where the sky is at dawn
And the wind softly blowing through my hair
Carrying with itself the most pretty cherry blossom leaves
I've never seen
seem dancing with the soft wind's blow

Marveled, I stay
I've ever seen such a place on earth
I feel the light heat of the sun but
the wind makes me shriver from its cold blow
I across my arms
trying to make myself a little warm

From the distance
You came
I am atonished, thinking I'm seeing an angel
Towards me slowly you walk
I saw your face
your hair, golden brown dancing with the wind
your eyes pierced through mine
leaving my soul naked at your sight
your lips so smooth, like made of silk
and light pink, soft reddish

My heart is beating faster
with every step you take towards me
within only inches apart
Our faces meet

You opened your arms
and take me closer to you
Your arms so strong and delicate at the same time
I lean my head on your chest
I feel safe

Then you move your head
Your lips rosin my ear
you said "
I blame you, yeah that's true
I blame you for making me fall in love
with you
It was since ther first day
The first sight of your presence
It was like a dazzling light
you came above everyone else

Your hair shone like pure gold
and your hazel eyes got me trapped
Now, I can't get out
But I don't want to

You, the one that's makes me shake when close
I blame you
I hate you, because I'm in love with you

— The End —