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razzle Jun 30
i want to be relied on
feel like im dauntless;
a sense of importance,
yet i come off as thoughtless

when i try to help you,
i manage to make it worse
i want to make you feel better,
but i can never reimburse

you do so much for me
i cant help to see you sad
but i never seem to help
tough luck, too bad

when i leave you alone
you seem to get better
so ill just leave you be
throw away my love letter
its been a while! hello!! this poem? shook. my wig? flew. gone. anyways hope u like <3 | also this poem VERY bad so please be nice, its been a while
razzle Mar 28
prancing in the field
fingers intertwined
rambling about sweet nonsense;
i just hope that you don't mind

crimson rosebuds bloom across your face
i'm proud to be their grower
lounging around lazily
with you, days go by much slower

but it's okay, you're by my side
that's all i really need
all it takes to grow a garden
is just one simple seed.
this is very cliche,, but im also cliche!! hohoho
spring gives me allergies :'( also!! this isn't about anyone, i'm just a real sucker for romantic poems hehe
razzle Feb 22
you have festering wounds,
blistering and exploding
the snow pelts your body,
you're confused and eroding

no idea how this happened,
no idea when it started;
no hope for survival
apologies are halfhearted

the snow paints a mirage
"you're nothing, i hate you"
you break down and sob,
your mind is still askew

but somehow you know,
that you can still recover.
the storm always passes,
it takes time to discover.
this poem is also a present for @BlackAndWhiteStars, please go follow them!! (their poems are better than mine)
razzle Feb 22
time is taken for granted,
until it is gone;
however, once i stop,
time continues to count on.

when i cease to exist,
it'll all stay the same;
what's the point of going on
when i can make no change?
AJHSDJ??? woah raz, thats DARK???? who are u??? raz?? the EDGELORD???
razzle Feb 22
i want to hold you hand,
to watch the shooting stars,
drink coffee in the morning,
sing cute songs in the car.

i want to look at leaves with you,
to kiss your gentle lips,
the trees are changing color now,
your love for me, i fret it's just a script.

i don't see how you'd fall for me,
just like the needle of a fir,
i suppose miracles happen after all,
that, we can both concur
AaaaAA!!!! i really like writing love poems!! fall and winter are my favorite seasons, and the leaves are so pretty ajdshds B)
razzle Feb 22
whenever i hear you talk,
i get shivers down my spine
why do you make me feel this way,
your hands intertwined with mine?
you make me feel amazing,
compliments at every turn
why do you make me feel this way,
when will i ever learn?
you'll never realize it,
you'll never feel it too,
but somehow, i hope,
stars align; and you do.
LATE VALENTINES DAy poEM!!! this isn't about anyone in particular, but its still cute.. uwu
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