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Something rises in the evening sun
as it's touching the roof of my sky.
And I wonder, how would it be
your sharpened hand above the sea
to stretch my heart once more on thee
and simply melt it by your beam.
If I were the winter which would freeze your soul
I'd turn your tears into the very icicles
wherewith I'd raise a 'till the Sun monument
just to warm you with soft rains where I shall swim
and I'd even drown myself,
for the spring that came.
shout your war
and I'll train myself into the soldier
your army shall never have.

shout your love
and I'll get dressed with the very coat
within the war shall never be.
There are rumours above the city of lights
that its light might turn on the very night,
and their fangs shall glorious glance within the dark
obviously ready to fight, as they surely might.
my eyes are getting burnt
by the beams of the sun,
and I'm blinking...

my legs are crossing the desert
and the beams are everywhere,
and I'm blinking...

my heart is seeking for night
and its dark remains in soul,
and I'm blinking...

as I'm blinking through the desert,
through the beams and through the dark,
what the sand I sail astray,
what the blaze I make it dust...
What burden thy mind could be
if you spread out your origin,
and what grief shall you gain on thee
if the desert you made shall bring it's mean.
I hope you all will understand the message I'm trying to express.
Here we stand together deep
Me, my mind and I,
Still I seek my grief to weep
In those depths of breathing lie.

We do feel the feral fear
Me, my mind and I,
Where my mind’s trying to clear
Our ciclic bis deny.

We stare beauty in the depths
Me, my mind and I,
They’re compelling me to breast
All my feelings’ passing by.

So we teach ourselves to feel,
Me, my mind and I,
And my heart’s startin’ to fill
With the tears of the cry.

Then we see the light in sky,
Me, my mind and I,
One in run, one in deny
While my tears started dry.

‘til the light they still kept beating,
Just my mind and I,
Now they’re hurt and they are bleeding
And die.
A battle inside my body.
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