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randy123 Aug 2010
My Mind
An inner sanctum of peace
Where the calmest whisper can be heard over a thousand miles of tranquility

My Mind
A battleground
Where a thousand thoughts clash
Each seeking to find the truth

My mind
A storeroom
Filled with a lifetime of memories
From infancy to manhood
Each shaping my views and perceptions molding me into the man I am

My Mind
A green field of grass
Where dreams come out to play
Where imagination makes out with reality on a stack of hay

My mind
A growing tree
who's branches seek to absorb rays of knowledge passed down from above

My mind
A caricature of a person born a little over 22 years ago

My Mind
A lone bird soaring through a tumultuous sky, unfazed by its surroundings steady on its path

My mind
A dessert Island
A place of beauty un-compared where mathematical equations are laid to rest effortlessly

My Mind
Um....:) sometimes goes blank in the face of beauty

My Mind
A jungle
If I let you explore do you promise to keep its treasures close to heart

My mind
A fine African automobile
On a slow Sunday afternoon drive, appreciating the scenery we call life

My mind
A classic beat
Who's calm melody is ripped apart by compound metaphors and violent punch lines

My mind
.....doesn’t always agree with my Soul

My mind
A train laden with thought north bound
Stopping off at reflection eternal
Hoping to reach Zion’s Holy ground

My mind
Two things all at once
Light and dark
Right and wrong
The past and future
Its here right now while its away

My mind
Made up its own mind
To define my destiny

My mind
A beast born off black and white

My mind
A speaker
In this box called my body

My mind
Independant a Government in its own

My mind
like shool, a resident of the condition
randy123 Aug 2010
Sitting on my bed
Gazing out at the view
Laptop in lap
I wonder
Being of mixed race
The truth of my origins
The blood coursing through my veins
Goffle they would say
But iv always believed a man's skin colour doesn't define who he is
A place where he is being killed
Home of the Ndebele
My hometown
Built on the ruins of a Royal town
uMzilikazi ,Leander Starr Jameson ,Lobengula ,Cecil john rhodes
Men of courage
Black and white
Fought struggles
Years before my birth
Mater Dei Hospital
My journeys beginning
My grandfathers end.
Joy and pain
My hearts memories
From Primary
Green fields
Where i spent my childhood
Life's little joys
In the rain
How it stung
Running through the grass
Taller than i was
Built with shoelaces
Fights in the sand
Afternoons spent picking mullberyys
The girls dormitory
Got me the cain
Thursday Nights
Prefects Priveleges
Cross country
The houses of Tuli, Shangani, Shashe
lifelong friends made
A place frozen in memory
Home of the best years of my life
Tears streaming down
Every Sunday evening
The way back
A boarders sentiment
Lasting 5min till reunited with friends
Tuck shared
Eskimo Hut
The Green Mamba Or Pink Panther
The food hall
Till dessert came
Mr Haworth
"The queen would be disgusted if she saw u eating"
The tide of his time
Wandering around my childhood
I bumped unintentionally into
Starless nights
First kisses
A little bit older i was
randy123 Sep 2009
you on my mind,
its been a while....
And i need to put my mind at ease
see all these thoughts
have been haunting me of recently
i need back that peace in me
my tranquility
my heart beats poetry
slow "paynefull" melody
looking at  inspiration
on the pages of imaginaion.
see there was time it was just you and me.
your smile seemed  
you laugh seemed
it all seemed you but not me
your heart took truancy
but life was schooling he
not the you but the he coz it changed from we internally
to he separately
he grew
could it be negatively
coz his heart was his
locked in a steel cage
she blossomed
Pride severed ties
All the hurt and lies.
Years passed
Random encounters
Like mountain showers
He found himself.
She lost her way.
A story a thousand times told
Reality wasnt really what reality was
If u journeyed into her heart she knew that all he could see
Was the wrong she did' nd broken promises
So late at night she dreamted of him.
Hoping the years had soothed the melody
He had found the wrong in him
So he did his best to be a better person
For god.
for him
For his family
For the person he hoped to meet.
For peace. . . . . . . . .

— The End —